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Help Please...Why is this group listed under depression?

Hello! Help please any suggestions are welcome?
I had a mirena inserted in December of last year.  If definately pinched, and I was sore for quite a while after, but i made it through.  My periods last 10-12 days now, but at least I have some clue of when it's coming now.  How ever I am have huge mood swings right now, and finding this topic under depression freaked me out.  Everything else is fine, I do have PTSD, but it's been under control for some time now, so to feel so awful and then find this topic under depression is curious to say the least.  If this Mirena is going to make me depressed, then i need an affordable alternative because my isurance wants $300.00 for the appt, and $150 for the shot...and the community center won't take me since I have insurance. I'm wondering how long I can keep it in without doing damage to my insides if I do have to keep it.  I really can't afford to get depressed right now.  This is crazy.  
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I had it for two years and was dealing with mild depression anxiety attacks and rapid weight gain.. I had it removed Wednesday and replaced with the copper iud and I feel AMAZING!!! No anxiety! I'm more upbeat and more affectionate. My DH says its the old me again which is a very good thing :) good Luck
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