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Ovulation after Miscarriage

I recently had an early miscarriage (5 weeks) and my doc told me we could start trying again this cycle, because there was no need for a D&C.  I had been testing with OPKs and I had a few days of false negatives days after the miscarriage due to the left over HCG in my system.  But, then the tests started coming back negative again.  Late last week I started having some ovulation (pain) and per the OPKs I ovulated on Sat.  Is this possible. Is it possible to ovulate 10 days after a miscarriage?
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Similar thing happened to me.  I miscarried and my doc told me go ahead.  I ovulated 14 days after my miscarriage.  It's all very strange to me and DH.  We have talked too much about all this and decided that we would continue to do whatever we wanted as a married couple and enjoy life as long as there is nothing that could harm us.  All the blood work and an vag ultrasound confirmed I was ovulating.  
How do you feel about trying again so soon?
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I am axious to try again. I was sad at first; but my doctor has assured me that miscarriages at 5 weeks are very common. Often women do no even know they are pregnant that early, and miscarry naturally.  He consoled me by pointing out that at least now we know are fertile and everything is working as it should be (theoretically).  He also said that you are actually more fertile after a miscarriage; so I feel the next few months are our best chances for being successful.  Now, if I do get pregnant again... I will be a little more guarded and know not to get my hopes up right away.
Thanks for the info about you ovulating in 14 days.  I thought I was seeing what I wanted to on the OPKs or that they were just wrong; I did not even think it was possible to ovulate that soon after m/c.
Thanks :)
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Hey girls!!
Looks like everyone here is ovulating
according to the questions...Hormones a flying!!
Hope all ttc...that its your month!!
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I had a miscarriage 8-19 and I think I'm pregnant again so anythings possible.  I know women who were m/c one month and pregnant the next and others who have gone for over a year and still aren't pregnant.  Our bodies are so different that I guess the only answer is what your doc and/or OPK's tell you.  I'm glad you're trying and I hope that you get exactly what you want!  Trying is the best part!
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I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and a d&c approx. five weeks ago. Both my husband and I feel that we are ready to begin trying again, however I haven't had my first period after yet.  I hope to get pregnant soon and I wish all of you the best of luck too.
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I am in the same boat.  I miscarried a week and a half ago at 5 weeks (no D&C).  It was like a regular period and my levels are at zero.  I should ovulate soon I think.  They didnt tell you guys to wait a month or two?  I really want to try again immediately, but am scared to because if something happens then I might tell myself that I should have listened to the midwife.  Why is there so much inconsistency in what people are told.  Do you think there is increased risk to try again immediately?  I change my mind every other day about this.  My husband is as confused as i am.   -TINA
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