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Advice about possible MS symptoms

I am not one of those computer hypochondriacs or other types of person who thinks they have everything under the sun. I read magazines about the top ten warning signs, etc. and nothing has ever bothered me. However something happened recently that opened my eyes to MS and now I need some advice. I am hoping that one of you can help me because I am not sure if these are all symptoms of MS or what I should do next. Before I get to my a-ha moment I’ll start at the beginning. First off, I am female, 32 years old, and I know this will be long but please bear with me.

About a year ago I started having episodes of being off balance. I always thought of myself as a clumsy person so that is what I attributed it to. Nothing major, just having to grab on to something or someone because I would get off balance and almost fall. I’ve not actually fallen yet. It is often when I suddenly change directions or positions, like after I stand up and move forward to walk, or stepping over something. I’m always giggling about it and I say oops off balance! I never even thought it might be anything unusual.

I also injured my right hand last year (pinky joint) and even though it has healed I drop things. Cups, brooms, whatever. One minute I am holding it, the next minute; it’s falling to the ground. Sometimes I manage to catch it before it hits the ground (see I have great reflexes), but I usually spill whatever I was holding.  I have contributed that to muscle weakness still from my injury. Ok, no big deal.

I have tingling in my lower back and sometimes down my right arm. It started more recently around Christmas time. I blamed that on pinched nerves from carrying 3 children, you know all that pressure on my back and everything. I also had one episode where my upper lip was numb, like I had been to the dentist. I thought I might be getting a cold sore (I didn’t).

Then, the most terrifying thing happened (maybe 3 weeks ago). One night before bed I lost vision in my right eye. I was terrified. I was yelling for my husband to help and I was sure I was having a stroke or something. My hubby said I was going to be fine, and sure enough a little while later my vision came back and he said I bet it was a migraine, and there you go, a migraine. It must have been an ocular migraine, even though I had no headache at the time. So as you can see, I have an explanation for everything that has happened to me, and then I was reading a magazine about these poor young women who have auto immune diseases and all these types and then the sentence that could possibly change my life, a woman found out she had MS when she started experiencing tingling in her arm and one terrifying instthings I keep writing off are really something else.

I know that you all are good at saying that sounds like MS that doesn’t. Does this sound like MS? What do I do then? I hate my current Dr. and I go maybe 1x a year because he is so grumpy and he doesn’t take the time to listen and I have no desire to talk to him about it. Is there somewhere else I can go? I mean he totally missed my husband’s kidney stones because he just didn’t listen. We had to end up in the ER, and get referred to a specialist before something was done. We live in a really small town and there’s only one group of Docs and no one else will see you, so there’s no second opinions, or going to a different ance of temporary blindness in her (I can’t remember what eye). OK, well that happened to me! Maybe these Dr. I appreciate any incite or advice you all might have.
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Welcome to this forum, you have come to the right place with your questions.

I can't tell you that you have MS, but what you describe does sound suspicious.  I'm not dx myself, but had that... slap in the face moment you speak about, last June.  I knew something was wrong, but never once considered MS.

This is the most wonderful place for support, info, or anything you need on a particular day, these folks will be here for you.

While you wait for others to reply, why don't you check out our health pages.  You will find them in the upper right hand corner of the page.  There is great info there and maybe it will help too.

Stay with us and we will help you get through all your questions and give advice as to how you can get started to try and find a dx.

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I just realized after re-reading your post that there's a chunk missing right at the end.  So not all of what you wanted to say got through.

It does sound suspicious, but as you can tell for yourself, it's going to be hard to get diagnosed with an odd disease like MS in a small town with a doctor that won't listen to you.  Be prepared for a long slog!  

Do you think the doctor will go ahead and refer you to a specialist?  Or just blow you off?

It seems like a shame, because so many people are suffering from the same types of neurological symptoms, and they all have problems with diagnosis.  And then if you are diagnosed with something like fibro or MS, then there's no real cure for the disease!  
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OMG, there is a chunk missing. :) It should say
"out she had MS when she started experiencing tingling in her arm and one terrifying instance of temporary blindness in (I can't remember which eye). I've had that. So what if the things I keep writing off are really something else?"

I think that he is going to just blow me off. I honestly do which is why I need to find someway around the whole having to see my primary care physician. I don't suppose I can see a neurologist without a referral huh?
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Hi there -
Your symptoms do sound suspicious - particularly with the temporary blindness.  Whether you need a referral or not depends on your insurance.  Most plans require a referral, however, not all (mind does not - I can go see whoever I want without any referral).  If you DO need one, how about asking for a referral first to an opthamologist - most know about the eye issues connected to MS, and if they suspect somethiing, maybe THEY can give you a referral to a neuro.
Also, there are many here that travel far outside their area to see particular specialists...maybe that's an option?  Either way, it really should be checked out.  Just keep in mind that it IS a difficult Dx to make, and it may take some time to find out what is actually going on.
Good luck, and let us know how you make out!
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I agree, your symptoms sound suspicious.  The advice about getting a referral to the opthamologist is a good one.  Mention to your doctor about going blind.  I'm sure your doctor will refer you to someone!!!!!  If not, maybe it's time for a different doctor.  

If you go blind again, go to the ER.  This should be checked out--this is very serious (even if it goes away, because it may decide to stick around longer).  

Call your insurance company to see if you even need a referral.  My insurance doesn't require them.  Then, when you get a referral (if needed), get a good neurologist that specializes in MS (MS specialist).

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Welcome!  You are in the right place for support.  And if you read up on things in the health pages you will be able to talk to your doctor about these things that have been happening to you with a little more clarity.  I am not diagnosed yet, but since being on the ms forum, have realized that some of the things happening to me are symptoms of ms.  I have some severe symptoms but never would have given a thought to the little annoying ones.  Like constantly seeing things, then when I really look, nothing is there and when I look at things it's like they are kinda jumping a little.  Or the tingling, the crazy itching on my left foot, etc.  So hopefully you don't have ms,  but reading up on things would certainly help figure things out.  As for your dr. that is a tough one.  I was with a dr for 4 yrs and he did'nt do a thing.  Saw a new dr in may and am well on my way to knowing whats going on now.  My best advice,  dont let your dr ignore you or your symptoms.  Tell him you want evidence to support or rule out neurological problems via mri and neurologist.  It may not be ms but could be neurological anyway.

Keep pluging away

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