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Ahh, Spring is here, and with it more "fun"

Well, Spring has "officially" arrived, but Mother Nature can't seem to make up her mind, just yet.
Here, in Kansas, the highs have been in the low to mid 80's (one or two 90's), but also in the mid 50's.
For me, the extremes of both cold and hot weather, have an adverse affect on my body (and MS symptoms).
Allergy season (well, for me my allergies extent to 11 out of 12 months of the year) is beginning to ramp up with the flowers starting to bloom, etc., so headaches and lots of sneezing, go along with the program.

However, I enjoy (and desire) being outside, watching the birds (especially hummingbirds), tending my gardens (one hummingbird flower garden, and one vegetable garden, both 8ft by 16ft), walking my dogs, etc.

I have always enjoyed fishing, but have not even attempted it, since my accident, back in July 2009, and subsequent full onset of MS symptoms.  This year, I feel better, though fatigue and my MS hug, get the best of me too quickly.  I'm still going to attempt to go fishing, this year, as soon as it warms up (to be consistently in the 70's).  I have a neighbor, in his 90's, and he still goes fishing, though age and his body, tire him easily too.

What should we be "on the look out for" and what steps can we take, that may help us, enjoy Spring, and all it has to offer?
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I love fishing, but I never get too exotic - a pole and a line with a hook on the end is enough for me.  Slap some chicken liver wrapped in pantyhose on the end of the hook and catch myself some catfish.  Or whatever it is that grows around here...  probably bass and carp.  The problem is coordinating my hands so that I let go of the button at just the right time to sling that hook out into the water - without running into a snag.

I would recommend a cooling gel pack, or something similar.  Or maybe just find a shade umbrella that you can sit under, if there aren't any trees.
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Whahooo!  Trout season is just getting going around here.  I plan on doing plenty of fishing this summer!  

I'm not sure what to look out for, other than any new symptoms or worsening of existing ones.  A new one for me has been on my little flat land bike rides, I have an old symptom of going numb from the waist down.  After I rest for 20 - 60 minutes, everything's fine.  But something new has cropped up this spring, and that's my left foot stays numb for an extra 3 hours after everything else normalizes.  I've told my neurologist, and he and I both know this is just a pseudo-exacerbation.  Neither of us wants to treat with steroids at this time.

Love the gardening, too!
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Good luck with the fishing! Fishing is good medicine.

I had to give up fly fishing due to coordination problems, but I can still troll, spin cast (sort of), mooch, etc...

I'm about 3 weeks later than usual getting on the water because we've been painting (very slowly!). oh well, the weather is kinda cool still. One more week..........look out rainbows!

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wow, Socrates.  that is some question.  They say that the change of seasons does not truly affect our MS.  I would guess that changes we feel are due to allergies, barometric switches, etc.  heat sensitivty exclused, of course.

I'm so ready for blue skies and moderate temps - send some of that our way, ok?

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