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Arm Weakness Help

I read about Quix's recent arm weakenss getting worse. As someone who is also dealing with right-side arm/hand weakness and lack of coordination, I would welcome any tips that any of you might share about getting along when your main arm/hand is comprimised.

I'm sure there are others here who could use some ideas on how to make life easier!
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Hi Heartshome,

I too have arm weakness.  When my problems reared their ugly heads, I did not have the ability to work my right hand and fingers.  Not sure how it affected my whole arm, because it was more obvious w/the hands at that time.  I had the clumbsiness along with other issues to the degree that I couldn't write with a pen or pencil.  This problem was not obvious to me until I was in the middle of writing, or going to pick something up.  I would get a sensation, and then not be able to finish make them work until the sensation passed.  Was very frustration, because all would come to a halt. Those sensations would last for seconds or minutes at a time all day with no ryhme or reason.  

Now, and it's been months since then, that problem has rectified for the most part, however, I have left side pain in my arm that comes from the top of my shoulder and radiates down.  I think it's related to my neck.

I don't have many coping mechanisms to rely on, as it's hard to know where to put the durn things and find relief.  I adjust positions, move them around, try to keep the blood flowing etc.  I also find that w/the arms, sitting contributes to my pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility.  So, I get up and down a lot throughout the day, do some shoulder/arm rolls, but really it's just temporary relief.  Sometimes, nothing helps and it's just a dull ache that won't go away, and the hands just feel stiff and heavy.  I figure I'll take that symptom over not being able to get my brain to get them to work any day. . . I hope that never returns.

I take naproxen too, but it doesn't help much.  Wish I had more to offer, so it's good you bring up the issue.  Maybe more will tell us what they do to help.

Be well,
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Yes, I know that scary feeling of not being able to get your hands to work. That has bothered me more than anything else. Thanks for the input!
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