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Atypical Face Pain = Indomethacin??

I got back from my appt today and of course I have NO PAIN yet today.. the Neuro touched different areas on my face and asked if they were sore, I said NO.. but the bottom and side of my face was tender, not sore so I said no it wasn't sore, I don't know if I should have said it was tender???  

at these appt I never leave feeling like I said what I wanted to say??  does this happen alot.

she said she didn't think it was TN.. but wanted me to try this RX.. Indomethacin.  

I take Cellebrex everyday 200mg.. what is the difference or how can I find out the difference .. from Celebrex and Indomethacin?  

the Neuro said to stop the Celebrex for the time I take the other med..10 days.. she said to call her office next week and let them know how I'm doing.

so I don't know.. my face if fine right now.. I will get the Rx filled when i get out.. and try it to see if it helps with the face pain.

take care
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Indomethacin is an old non-steroidal anti-inflammatory whose use has really dropped off.  It is notorious for causing gastric bleeding and for fluid retention so watch your sodium intake and I would have you take Prilosec OTC or a similar.

Facial pain has been studied up the wazoo and if anti-inflammatories were a benefit, then they would be used and not the atypical anti-epileptics like carbamzaepine.

I can only imagine that she thinks you are having TMJ pain, where an anti-inflammatory might be useful.  But, then you were already ON an anit-inflammatory so?????...........

Makes no sense to me.

Yes, you should always tell a doctor that something is tender (if it is) when they press
on it.  That is what they are looking for.

Tender - pain when it is touched or pressed on

Sore - hurts no matter what

293157 tn?1285877039
thanks Quix... I know this doesn't make much sense to me either.. but then, she prescribed this and told me it was a Non steriod antiinflammitory??  and I reminded her I take Celebrex...she said how much and said to stop it for 10 days to see if this other med will help?

I will try it and will take it with food.....also cut salt..and drink water.. if it hurts my stomach I will stop it and let the Neuro know.  and let her know how my face pain is doing.

she asked if I had been under stress at all...so yes, maybe she is thinking TMJ pain..and it could be...

thanks like always I appreciate your advice

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Talk to your doctor about taking 200mg "everyday".  I am a tennis teaching pro, 60 years and have been taking 200mg a day for lower back/disk problems and degenerative knee (both knees) desease.

I have never felt so flexible and pain free in the past 8 months than I have in 25 years.

I consider Celebrex to be a "miracle drug"

Remember: Only you and your doctor will know if Celebrex is right for you. Long term use of Celebrex is no different than any other NSAID.  If you are a candidate for it and it "actually works better than other NSAIDS" then you're one of us who are very lucky to be able to use this drug.
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