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Checking in to say hi


I've been AWOL lately.  Sorry all.  

Just wanted to let you know I'm doing ok.  As some of you know I'm now about 2 months pregnant.  I am considered a high risk pregnancy (given age, hypothyroid, pituitary and other unidentified issues), so there's been lots of dr. visits, but so far all looks ok though they are monitoring me very closely, and have already put me on a gestational diabetes diet (which is not so easy when you also have to eat gluten free).  

Been tired and dealing with 24/7 nausea and haven't yet announced the pregnancy and have to keep up with normal activities, work etc, so there's been relatively little net time.

However, I've been reading posts and keeping up at least a little with what you're all doing.  You're all in my thoughts and prayers.

Best wishes to you forum family.


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Hey there!  I wish you a speedy and healthy transition into the finer parts of the pregnancy - ie. when your feel great and no longer throw up at the mention of "gluten free."  What a hassle that must be!

They're egging me on to write a book inspired by the forum and I must be feeling better because I'm considering it!

We are still unearthing Defective Neuros, so our work is not over.  The bonfires have been poorly attended to.  either everyone is staying in from the heat or they are al on holiday somewhere exotic.  Ess went to France and took cooking lessons and I haven't been invited over yet.  I'm not sure they can say "gluten free" in French.  And Rena is still being denied DMDs by the Canadian Medical Mafia.  So much is unchanged.  We have a couple of new grandbabies.  Wingnut is nuttier than usual.  Carol hasn't been on.  Her precious Mackensie is back with her.  Who ranks higher?  Friends on a forum or first adorable grandchild?

That's some of the news.  Others will be by to add in more news.

Take care of that little bun in the oven.

Quix - I get to be the adoring, indulgent, eccentric aunt!
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Congratulations! I missed that, maybe while I was in Florida visiting my daughter.the one who made me vomit for 9 months! Which I'm sure you didn't want to hear. I developed gestational diabetes, and other than having a 9lb baby girl, everything progressed normally. Please take care of yourself, slow down, and enjoy this special time with your hubby. It will never be this quiet again!  Hugs & prayers,.

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Hey, love you guys!!

No wonder I haven't smelt any roasting neuros lately.  They do have a particularly strong, and very peculiar smell.

Maybe it's a good thing, I'm sensitive to smells now.  Don't want to be puking over any defective neuros, even if they sorely deserve to be roasted!  Thanks for your consideration.

Quix you do get to be cyber aunty!  This kid's gonna have heaps of aunties.

Quiz you're feeling a bit better?  I noticed you've been posting more!  Wonderful!

Oh, the pain write up is excellent!  You'd certainly have heaps of materials for a book from this forum and your writing is funny, interesting, engaging and informative!


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Congratulations!!  I must have missed the post about the pregnancy also, I am sorry.

I will be praying that the nausea gets better soon and you enjoy the wonderful side of pregnancy!

Hugs and belly snuggles!
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Hi Sally girl.  If it makes you feel any better, nausea and vomiting are actually signs that the pregnancy is very healthly and progressing normally.  Try to remember that, when the smell of a piece of toast, makes you want to hurl chunks across the room.  (Boy, Forum, didn't I say that eloquently?)

When I carried my son, I was vomiting for almost 6 months. (After all those months of vomiting he still weighed in at almost 9 pounds)  With my daughter, I vomited in the last month.  Horrible to be 8 months pregnant and hanging onto the bathroom toilet at 3 am, weak bladder (use your imagination here)...huge belly hanging in the way and releasing every single thing I had to eat that day.  Oh boy, that was fun.  Result, two healthy babies and much loved babies at that.  Funny how you never forget the "joys" of pregnancy, even 30+ years later.  I wouldn't trade one minute of it, my friend.

As you know, I am following you closely on the Pregnancy Forum and will continue to watch over you from afar.  The second trimester is coming.  Feelings of actual joy of being pregnant.  Great months...

Big hugs and much love, to you and the "little bean,"
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Hi Sally~!

Just wanted to say congrats and take care of yourself and that precious bundle inside!  I am so happy for you!!  :)   Thanks for checking in!

QUIX:  "Wingnut is nuttier than usual".......I resemble that remark!!!!!   :)

Tammy Grammy
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