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Copaone Clock

When I was younger my grandfather had a bar in his basement.  He had all sorts of Budweiser, Miller, and other company’s signs and paraphernalia.  Particularly I remember a few clocks and mirrors with logos.

In my neurologists office there is a clock with Copaxone written on the face.  Looking at it made me remember my grandfather’s bar and some of my siblings’ basements too.  I think I need to get some MS drug paraphernalia, posters, stirring stick and especially the Copxone clock to put on display with my prescription bottles.  I wonder if Refif has a clock too?  I will then be just like my siblings and the rest of my family.  It will be so good for my boys to build such good memories.


please, understand I am trying to spread a bit of humor, be it good or not so good.
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I saw that same kind of clock in my neuros office too!
His wasn't hung on the wall like it should be, but cool anyway!
I would also like some of those plastic model brain things that you can take apart
and try to put back together again before the Dr. comes in!  It would
be a great mind builder for the kid!!!!  :)
wonder how we could get our hands on some of that stuff?  
Maybe stalk the drug reps as they try to get an appointment with to Doc!!!
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Rebif has these seminars that they offer.  I went to one in my area last year called "Meet the nuerologist"  (found my current nuerologist there btw)  It was free and you got a meal out of it.  Rebif has these ambassadors or real people with MS from your area who seem to work for Rebif.  They also had every single table in the joint covered with various pens, notebooks, bookmarks, free inexpensive propaganda fadvertising a very very expensive drug.  Your doctor probably got that clock for free from a drug vendor.  The same ones who bring him free samples of prescription drugs that they hope to lure new dependants with.  I bet if you went to one of there seminars and asked them about your recreation of your memory basement they could give you names of people who could help you achevieve this.

btw good idea a little humor only can help
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Let's all think of stuff for MCBCON's club basement. I love the ideas thus far, especially the plastic brain. Maybe we could alter it to add a little bar light, and it could click on when a new idea appears. And speaking of lights, how 'bout some MRIs in a lightbox frame? And some of those charts and diagrams neuros have in their offices. Bars often have football jerseys framed. What kind of gear could we frame? Some scrubs? I'm really getting into this now.

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What would your bar be without music and dance? Here are some things to get us started:

Liar Liar Pants on Fire
Limbo Rock
I Can't Help Falling (In Love With You)
I Feel The Earth--Move--Under My Feet
Lightning Striking Again
Electric Slide
It's Raining In My Heart

I'm really not even thinking of these weird things! Just going about my business and they pop into my head. Maybe they should just pop out again!

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