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Dieting and MS???

Is it safe to diet if you may have MS? My symptoms are strong and I am having a hard time but, I would like to lose some weight.
I don't want to make things worse.
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Hi mooers...haven't had a chat in a while have we?  Now I am not the one to talk about dieting right cause since I have been on the steroids, I have blown up like a balloon and I feel like a stuffed sausage in all my clothes...BUT...I have been told by the doctors that "dieting" is never good at any time but healthy eating is wonderful!

I live in Canada and we have the Canadian Food Guide to follow which give healthy portions and what foods can be eaten freely and which ones are a no-no.  I would suggest that you talk to your physician about what healthy eating guide you should follow and they might have some suggestions as to what are no-no foods if you do have MS.

Like I said I am not the dietician on the site (are not all dietician's the perfect body weight anyway!) but I would like to think that being a healthy body weight is good for all of us and especially for us with chronic problems with our health.  Please be careful about trying a fad diet (like no carbs for instance) because that may throw your body into a maelstrom of more health problems and you certainly don't need that right now right?!?

Good Luck with your healthy eating hon and let us know how you are doing ok?

Lots of Hugs,

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Hi there, I think it was Heather that posted a diet (which does not mean restriction, but a way of eating and what you eat) called the Swank diet.  It was formulated by a specialist doctor who treats MS.  It is extremely easy to follow, makes you feel better, as that is what it is intended for.  To help out with MS symptoms.  However, you also will loose weight on it.  I am not extremely overweight.  5'6" and 134 pounds, yet I am definitely heavier than I was 6 months ago as I was having a difficult time with symptoms.  I started the diet only maybe 3 weeks ago and have lost 6 pounds. (I was 140).  Google The Swank Diet and check it out!  I think you will be pleased.  Take care, Terrie
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Thanks for answering as best you could. I will be careful and talk to my doctor next week about healthy eating.
On another note no we haven't had a chat in a while and I've missed talking to you! lol  Seems weird to me in a way that I don't even know you but I feel I have made a good friend in you.
I sure hope all is well in your health and life.

Lots of (((HUGS)))
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Thanks for giving me the name of the diet I will make sure to google it and check it out!
My God I wish I weighed 140 pounds along with being 5'6'' LOL
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Hey girl,

In the past 2 years, I have lost over 125 pounds.  I was diagnosed with MS, 12 years ago.  Losing the extra weight was a TREMENDOUS benefit not only to my overall health but to my MS. (Not to mention my self-esteem and the adoration of my boyfriend.  Now if he would just ask me to marry him, I can only imagine how good I would look in a wedding gown ..even at age 54.)

I don't recommend any creash diets or super restrictive diets.  Slow and easy.  I have dieted all my life...trust me on this...this is the first time in my life that I have ever been successful at keeping it off.  I'M FREE again.

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Haven't heard from you in a few days! Congrats on the weight loss. I need to lose 84 pounds to be at what the doc recommends. Funny how she never can give me any kind of dieting guideline! Maybe its because she is about MY size!! LOL

Sounds like you need to lasso that man into marriage show him what he's really got right in front of him!

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Thank you for the compliment.  My hunny is such a sweetie that he is even going to pay for me to have plastic surgery to remove about 16 pounds of excess skin I have left over from losing so much weight.  

I lost mine the old fashioned way.  Watching what I eat and exercising as my body would tolerate.  (AND having the love a great man after a terrible 34 year marriage to my now ex.) Despite that, I am still left with alot of excess skin from so many years of being obese AND being 54.  The skin loses it's elasticity when you get to my age...LOL

Don't worry about losing any weight just before the holiday Kathy.  You can work on it as your New Year's resolution.  I was amazed how quickly my weight came off when I stopped eating fried foods, ate salad in addition to every evening meal and pushed away all the sweets I was addicted to.

If I can lose the weight ANYBODY can.  I have been large my whole life.  I want to lose 25 more pounds before my surgery, which will put me ALMOST at my ideal weight for my height which is 5'7".

I have the "lasso" ready to reel my man in....

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Go for it! I didn't know you were still doing the weight loss, but I'm sure you'll get whatever you want, including your hunny. The surgery should make you feel like a new woman too. How are you doing on the smoking thing? I KNOW you can do it, Heather, I just KNOW it. So hang in there, kid.

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I too am guilty of smoking. Every time I go on a diet smoke MORE.
Wish I had never stated all those's years ago.

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I have stopped smoking for 146 days today...I feel great (other than the weight) but I can breathe and man does my house, my clothes, everything smells great (except for my husband cause he hasn't quit).  

I did gain some more weight after quitting and when I spoke to my dr. about losing weight she stated that you probably won't lose much weight for the 1st year after quitting.  The nicotine raises the metabolism and so when you quit your metabolism slows down and we know what that means!

However, I have gained the weight, I am going to work on one thing at a time!  First I need to get this MS under some sense of control, then I am going to work on the weightloss and under no circumstances will I ever, ever, smoke again!

I had a breast cancer scare last time I quit and used that as an excuse to start again but I figure that what I have been through since last February is a he** of a lot more to deal with and here I am...A PROUD NON-SMOKER!!!


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You go girl! I wanted to quit so when I went to my doctor the girls that run the front asked if i would like to try Chantix. To which I said yes I filled out the paper work needed for the state to help pay for it and went to the waiting room until the doc was ready to see me.

She grabbed the sheet of paper off of my chart and ask if I really wanted to quit smoking? Of course I said YES!
And can you believe it, she said that she didn't think it was a good time for me to do so and marked on the paper that I REFUSED!!!!

I was in a complete shock. I have never heard of a doc saying and doing this.
She said that I have to much going on with my health.

Just another sign of how the medical care is in my area!

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