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Do you have depression/anxiety?

CatherineNZ posted a question about anxiety and MS.

We know that depression/anxiety is very common with Multiple Sclerosis  and can come from clinical or situational causes (or both).  Her question has me wondering how many of us here are being treated for depression/anxiety and what is the form of that treatment.

If you are on any form of therapy and are willing to share, I would love to read your comments on what you do and how it is working for you.

be well, Lulu
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I think I have bouts of depression. Sometimes I just feel blah - no sadness, no joy. Thankfully it doesn't happen that often. I hate that feeling. I've never discussed it with a doc so I'm not on any medicine.
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i see a therapist at the VA for intermittant depression linked to my medical condition(s)

my anxiety as far as i'm concerned is a result of my cns inflammation/ms, IMHO.

the nerve attacks, as i call them, i don't think they are anxiety, i think they are flares. the anxiety i get from some social aspects, etc, yeah, i guess that is a form of anxiety.

i started taking cymbalta at various mg's to help with irritability mainly due to discomfort/pain. i'm sure it helps with intermittant depression.

i'm a little "touchy" about the depression due to the many mis-diagnosed labels the VA placed on me over the years. part of my quasi-ptsd issues i'm told. when your nervouse system is out of whack due to ms, i understand more about the depression.

i've been labeled so many things i'm just beginning to work on who i really am, now that i know i have a chronic demyelinating disease with a few others. no wonder i have some anxiety!! LOL
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I'm on a generic form of Wellbutrin, thanks to my neuro who decided I was depressed.  I didn't argue with him and said I would try it for a while.  It is now almost a year later and I'm still taking it.  I don't know if it really makes a difference for me - I didn't thnk I was depressed to start with.  

But I will agree that I don't register a very wide range of emotions - except when I get ticked off.  Lately I seem to get irritated a lot easier and quickerI wonder if that is clinical or situational?  Or perhaps I'm just dealing with a lot of irritating stuff right now that I am justifiably ticked at?

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I've had bouts of depression since I was 10 years old.  Probably mostly situational. Anxiety isn't an issue.  I've been in and out of talk therapy for 30 years.  I refuse to take antidepressants.  Acupuncture helps GREATLY!
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I too am on a generic form of Wellbutrin. I think it helps most of the time but I have alot of stress and worry. My husband is in Iraq, the house is up for sale with a bad economy, no buyers. .I always have to keep this house soo clean.
for the possible buyer. I have no energy and have been having bad stomach for over a month now. Trying a new med Zantac.

I now have to go to WA to find us a place to live..We move at the end of next month. I worry that we won't sell and will have to pay for 2 places.

Anyway, enough complaining...ya, I have anxiety and depression.
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In 2003, I was started on Lexapro, which helped my mood.  I then weaned myself off of that on my own.

I just started Cymbalta 6 weeks ago "my neuro said to help smooth everything out."  I too never felt I had depression.  My problems, I felt was anxiety due to symptoms with no diagnosis in limboland.  

Sometimes when I am feeling terribly bad, I tend to want to close myself off from everyone, and just stay in my bedroom watching TV.  Comes and goes.  

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