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Dx and More Tests to come

Hi guys :)

Well my Neurologists secretary called to say he wanted to see me to discuss my MRI before Christmas.

I went yesterday afternoon and fully expected him to say it was normal and to be none the wiser.

He didn't.

There are lesions on my brain and he wants to do another MRI of my spine and a lumbar puncture.

At this stage he said it is looking like probable MS.

I don't know how I feel right now. Relieved that I am not going crazy with these symptoms, nervous about the future and nervous about the tests.

If he can see lesions on my brain MRI - why more tests?

Anyway I just thought is share.

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Everything else has to be ruled out before you are diagnosed with MS.  There are also other things that may cause lesions which should be treated.

Good luck with your other tests and hope you can have a happy holiday!
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Buffy is right - this is not necessarily an easy or straight forward diagnosis to make but it does sound like you are on your way.

Your feelings are quite normal.  The reality of living with a chronic lifelong disease takes some time to adjust to and you can expect some ups and downs with your thinking.

I hope  you get your dx soon,
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Thanks guys.

I feel like I'm making profess at least so I do feel positive about that. . It's just nice to have found a doctor who listens and actually HEARS me after being fobbed off for years by my GP.

Happy holidays to you all.
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That meant to say progress! I'm in my phone so apologies for typos :)
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Nope I'm not IN my phone. lol

Time for sleep I think!
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I hate trying to message on my phone - the words and letters never come out quite right!  night-night.
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I am going to disagree.  I do think MS can be dxed quickly under the right specialist.  I know mine dx me within two days.  The only proof she needed was my MRI and neuro exam.  I wasn't (and still haven't been) given any blood tests for MS mimics.  I have lesions on my brain stem and cervical spine.  There is one tiny one on my brain and is not know if it is even MS related.  

I was asked to get an LP after the dx but not that it would have made a difference.  My neuro's exact words were, "It doesn't matter what the test shows Mrs. Smith (not my real name) you have MS".

I have been admitted to the hospital twice for MS related illness since my dx.  The last under some of the best MS specialists this country has to offer.  All were in agreement with my neuro.  The one question has always been "why is MS attacking someone my age so aggressively".  One neuro went as far to say that if he put all the neuro's that he knew along with all the years they had practiced he doubted one had seen a case like mine.

So yea, it can be dx without a doubt and without other tests.  It may be that the lesions are not typical and therefore is not as clear cut.

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