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Exophobia vision anyone

Hi everyone, sorry its been so long since I've been on, missed you guys.  Life has kept us busy lately and I wanted to check in and see how your doing.  Hope everyone is having a good summer and the crazy weather isn't too bad on anyone.  

I wonder how many of you have this vision problem, that has cause my double/blurry vision.  

Thanks for any replies and take care to all
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Good to see you again, Wobs.  No clue about that condition.  My ridiculously slight exposure to Greek (Latin even worse) makes me suspect something about a fear of the outside?  I could be way off.  How taht tiws ti visionn, i have no idea.
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Did you mean Exophoria vision?

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Hi, i'd never heard of "Exophobia" and when i tried to look it up, the only visual issues that i could find that was close to its spelling was Exotropia [ a form of strabismus where the eyes are deviated outward. It is the opposite of esotropia. People with exotropia often experience crossed diplopia. wikipedia]

I'm not sure if i'm just not finding it or if you've misspelled it, can you clarify for me please :o)

I personally have double vision which I was told was caused by Nystagmus in my right eye. I suppose its just another type of tremor, to add to my list of tremors lol Most of the time the fast moving tremor/jerk isn't noticeable but sometimes others have noticed it. I dont know where this fits in but for long periods of time, I can feel my eyeballs bouncing up and down. When its happening, as soon as i close my eyelids to sleep/nap/meditate, I can feel my eyeballs bouncing under the skin, i'm totally relaxed but my eyeballs are still moving lol.

Over time the double has become more pronounced, the two images use to be like a bad photocopy, the images slightly split apart but also over lapping each other, a ghosting effect. It's still sort of the same but the images have separated more eg 'A' looks more like an 'M' and when i look to my left the images totally separate. Sometimes i'll look over at someone and they'll have another set of eyes on their forehead lol totally weird. Though that still happens sometimes when i'm looking straight ahead, but i'm generally dealing with bad fatigue, overheated or someone's face is getting closer eg kissing.  

What do you experience?

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Yes, your right, I guess either my spelling was way off or my brain was thinking wrong, it's the one you mentioned, thanks

Extropia.... The dr says it could be the cause of my double vision, I do not need glasses, only readers.  Prisms would not be helpful either,  I too have worse days with my vision, nothing they can do to help.

Thanks a lot
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I did it again.   Duh
The thing that JJ says

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Yes I have this, too.  Not diagnosed yet, so not sure what the cause is.  But it is very annoying!!
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Hi Andy,
I've not experienced it, but wanted to say hello. I will hit up Pam to see what she has to say about it. You may remember her - she's not been on our forum in awhile since she has a differential diagnosis....
Miss ya,
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