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Foot spasms and spinal problems

Hi all.  Last night my hand once again went into fist clench mode, severe spasms encompassing shoulder, upper arm, lower arm and hand.  took 10 mg valium and two hours to subside.  Yesterday morning I had my L-spine mri done that the neuro had ordered.
I had been sitting on the couch with both feet up and just as my hand spasam was easing I noticed my right foot swelling.  By the time another half hour had passed it was twice the size of my left foot, the toes were in spasms and my whole foot was curled downward and trying to turn to the outside.  
I called my neurosurgeon's oncall number and the PA got back to me.  She asked some detailed questions and said she would have the sirgeuon on call with her look at my MRI and see what he could tell.
She called back to tell me I had a 4mm slippage of L4 over L5 and the nerve roots were being compressed but it wasn't enough to cause my urinary problems and falling.
Soooo, I'm spending the weekend on a solumedrol dose pack and ice on my back.
I can't wait to find out the cause of the slippage.  From what I've read it can be a degenerative problem with the disk OR a fracture.  The one time I felt my leg go out and actually fell down hard rather than catching myself was July 1.  So I guess next week I'll learn what's what.
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I hope that your treatment is helping you today. I really sympathize with all the spasmers (is that a word?), as that is my worse complaint at present. I do not swell up though, except for occasionally when my hubby is trying to really stretch out my legs and gets overzealous:). Do you take anything for the spasms? I take baclofen 4x/ day. It helps some, but not nearly enough.

Anyway, I hope you find some answers next week. We'll be pulling for you. Take it really easy this weekend.

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I get the swelling in my legs and feet constantly now. My feet are so bad, I can't feel them when I walk. Tremors and numbness are normal in MS. Are you still waiting for a diagnosis? I'm having pains shooting up and down by back. I found out I have arthritis in my back. Karina
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yes, I'm still awaiting a diagnosis.  Some of my symptoms can be explained by acute carpal tunnel on the right (which both neuorologist and neurosurgeon agree I have)  some can be explained by the findings on the mri.  But still others cannot be explained including the brain mri results with patches that maybe ms or lymes.  I should have some more answers by mid-week as well as seeing the neuro again on the 14'th. Moeck
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Thanks for the info keep us posted. Take care and try not to stress to much over it, if that's possible. Karina
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I have an appointment with my neurosurgeons office tomorrow regarding the lumbar mri and the carpal tunnel.  I have an appointment with the neurologist a week from today about further MS and Lymes testing.  I called the central benefits office myself yesterday to be sure my COBRA goes into effect without a lapse in benefits,
I now have two fproblems left to go this week.  My disability carrier is trying to tell me that my LTD was cancelled when I was terminated from work.  I finally got someone on the phone with a brain who said they can't do that.  My STD and LTD are through the same insurer with seamless transfer.  I had been out on FMLA and collecting STD.  They cannot cancel the LTD just because the docs have me out longer than 12 weeks and my company no longer has to hold my position open.   It would have been different if the STD had been denied but since it wasn't I'm still covered (but still need to know where to send the premiums to)
My other thing this week is finding private carrier insurance for the rest of the family cheaper than what my COBRA payments would be for them.  I can include them for now, then drop them but I can't add them in later.
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I know it's hard when you are looking for a diagnosis and have other health issues that are muddying the waters.  I wish you luck at the neurosurgeons appt.  Hopefully, he'll be able to figure out what's going on with your back and if that's causing any of your problems with your feet.

Ughhh... how frustrating with the insurance.  I hope you can get the remaining issues cleared up very soon.

Take care and keep us posted!!  Pat
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