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For anyone near LA

There is the annual LDN conference taking place in LA on 11th October.  Free to attend!  Doctors and pharmacist from all parts of the world talking about the use of LDN in MS and many other autoimmune diseases.  This is the 4th such conference and well worth attending if anyone is within travelling distance to LA.  More info provided if anyone interested.
My  husband has used nothing but LDN for his MS for nearly four years and remains well and disease progression free.
Best wishes to all!
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I would just like to say that we appreciate you letting our members know about this conference and I am sure that if we have members in that area and they are interested that she will more than likely hear from them personally...I wish I could attend however I am in Canada and just can't afford a trip like that.  If however you hear of a conference taking part in western Canada in the future, I would be very interested in hearing of it as this may prove to be the only "treatment" accessible to me.  Again, thankyou for the information and let's keep in touch!

Lots of Hugs,
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Can someone please educate me a little.  What is LDN.  Is it in the drug classification, supplements?  Is it something to take in addition to one of the DMD'S or in place of.  What is its purpose?  Sorry, if I sound lost.  I'm just trying to learn all I can and I do live close to LA and would definately been interested in more information.  Anamaria
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Low-dose Naltrexone (LDN) - if you search this community for LDN you will find 66 discussions about it.  I hope this helps.  - Lulu
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Hi Lulu, I actually did try but couldn't get the info I was looking for with the first 5 or so post I read and can't read well right now.  My vision went on me Friday and am on steroids for it.  I'm trying to limit the strain on my eyes. They are so tired and I have this constant headache because of it.  So I was trying to cheat a little.  Anamaria
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I wish I could help but I know very little about the therapy other than on the UK MS site the people who can't get DMD's often refer to taking LDN because they can't get anything else..  There are several websites dedicated to the topic too.

Like you, sometimes I like to pick everyone else'ss bring and not work so hard.  I'm sorry to hear about your vision - I imagine the glare of the computer screen could be very difficult to manage.

Feel better,
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LDN is Low Dose Naltrexone.  Naltrexone is an FDA approved drug going back to the 80`s.  It was found that taking it in a low dose as opposed to the original dose of 50mg (prescribed for opiate addiction) it helps with many autoimune diseases.   My husband gets a script from his neuro at UCSF and gets it compounded by a pharmacy in Florida into 4.5mg.  He takes on pill each night at bedtime.  Thats it! There are no side effects. It costs us under $70 for a three month supply.  He is approaching his 4th year on LDN.  He has an annual MRI.  There has been no disease progression.  No exacerbations.  No new symptoms. He works in a physically demanding job each day. He has never taken (nor will!) any CRAB drugs.  Too expensive - too toxic - not good enough odds for slowing the disease progression down for us.
People take LDN for MS, Parkinsons, Fibromyalgia, Crohn`s, RA, some cancers....the list goes on.   Unlike the other MS drugs which suppress the immune system, LDN balances it out.  My husband has not even had a cold the whole time he`s been taking it - an added  bonus!
If you can make it to the conference, Amas, you`ll be able to talk to at least 100 happy users of LDN, plus all the info you could want from the doctors and neuro`s that will be speaking.
This is the address incase you need it:
LA 90089

It begins at 8am with a free breakfast and continues until about 5p.m I think.  Food/drink is all part of it.  You just need to register at the door before entering.

We`ll be there!

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Thanks for the info.  I will try to attend.  Anamaria
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