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Fuzzy Hands

I'm diagnosed with Clinically Isolated Syndrome,first attack four years ago.

Recently I started having some funny sensations in my right hand, fuzzy and feeling like I had a hair on my skin as well as some decreased sensation. Yesterday both hands went really fuzzy and it was going up my right arm up to my elbow. It lasted all day and only this morning has it wore off back down to my right hand still feeling a little odd.

I am a professional Viola player so anything to do with my hands concerns me.

My first attack was in my spine and it was the same pins and needles and intense tingling. Oddly I found that the tingling up my spine (also had burning and pain), would get worse after I had drank too much alcohol. Still does now and my hands were funny after drinking too much the night before. Has anyone experienced anything like this? My neuro says there is no connection with alcohol and MS.

I know my spinal problems were MS related as the neurologist confirmed that, however any other problems I have have never classed as a relapse and They could be something completely unrelated I guess. I do think these feeling in my hands are like what I had in my spine though and that concerns me and it is a new thing too.

Will make a note of it for my appointment in November, though I know they won't class it as anything.
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Oh, and forgot to say, they started having little muscle spasms towards the end of the day too.
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Suzie, if this feeling passes then just make a note of it for November.  If it continues to last for another couple days, please call your doctor and get checked out thoroughly.  There are several ideas that come to mind in addition to the MS .....

It could be related to the alcohol - some type of neuropathy induced by drinking perhaps?

It could also be related to something structural - did you have a lengthy practice where you held your instrument in playing position for a long period of time?

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Hi, thank you for your comment.

Its died down now so I'm thinking due to the alcohol. I hadn't practised a great amount for a few days, though I had been doing for the weeks previous.

I had done a run of about 5 miles that day but I do run often and I don't usually see any direct negative effects from this.
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