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Holistic options?????

thanks a bunch for your help......has anyone ever tried a holistic doctor for this type of thing whether it be homopathic or naturalistic, even biofeedback???

I am really not big on medications unless I have worn out all natural options first, though most of what I am seeing here is tests, meds, neuros, more tests, more meds, more meds to counter the effect the other meds are causing etc...

of course nothing is wrong with western medicine, just wandering if anyone has explored other options first....I saw someone mention acupuncter (sp?) anyone tried that

thanks and I hope to anyone who has suffered with this stuff much longer than me does not take offense to my questions on holistic options first, I do understand this site is called medhelp and I do not damn any conventional medical methods, just trying to see what people have tried other than chemial drugs.

My orginal post is titled "not sure what I have"
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I do not think anybody here will get offended for trying anything possible to try to ease the pain, anything will be good, don't you think?
I am still waiting for diagnosis so I have not have any experience with medicines yet. You have to ask a doctor if any of these are ok for you to use BEFORE YOU DO SO, I have asked before using them myself. These are just examples of what I take, everybody is different. In no way I am telling you that these things are 100% efficient. Just to make sure!!.
I can tell you that I started using using something called "myocalm" that contains magnesium and seems to calm down somewhat the twitchings. There is also another product I have used when I got horrible muscle spams named "prolactin" that  gets rid of acummulation of lactic acid in the muscles and calm my spasms a lot. I take daily Omegas to maintain a healthy nervous and immune system. Complex B for energy and again healthy nervous system, CoQ10, and antioxidants, etc.
My husband did acupresure to me today because I had a nervous breakdown and was very depressed and it did calm me down very much and made me functional again (I spent hours crying of stress today). I am a student in midterms week (with 5 test each week these next two weeks) and between the chiropractic school and been scare of MS, my 3 little ones , husband and the house I am getting very tense lately. This really helped me a lot.
I know that these are not solutions for the problems, no medicines are solutions, but all of them  surely help to minimize the pain!!. Hope you find something that helps even a little, sometimes a little is better than nothing. i know that if I get diagnose there will be more medicines to choose from until then I deal with what I have.
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Check out my reflexology post from 10/25/07.  Good Luck....Craig.
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  Hi, and welcome. You pose an interesting question, I have never considered an alternative treatment other than what would normally be prescribed. However, I downloaded a paper a few weeks back that had an interesting title "MS The Greatest Medical Mistake". That caught my eye.

  First and formost, anything downloaded via the internet I would caution you to consider the source. What I did find interesting was that this paper, not a short document, maybe 40+ pages or more, memory is foggy on that detail, was that it described someones personal struggles with MS and his belief that many of the symptoms can be relieved with completely nature and none invasive procedures. High on the list was getting better sleep, specifically REM sleep and getting ride of stress. It was stated that during this phase of sleep the body rejuvinates and heals.

  The author claimed that many people have MS like symptoms after a traumatic event like an auto accident. Numbness and pain to name a few. And he said that a lot of times a visit to the chiropracter can make those issues go away which implies they were temporary and not permanent. The author was very explicit that anyone that has what could be termed permanent damage would not be helped, that it was a treatment for those early in their disease. He claimed to have been diagnosed at 13 with MS and says that he now has no symptoms after years of having them.

  Do I believe it? I certainly think there are symptoms that may be treated and relieved by following his advice. Do I think it would work for everyone, probably not. But, poor sleep and stress can cause a number of issues and might make those that have MS have more severe symptoms.

  I was intrigued but as I read more it bacame evident that there was a strong religous influence that was being pushed by the author. There is nothing wrong with that. Religion brings a great deal of relief for many people, but not everyone is religous and that might turn some away. You just have to again consider the source, the motivation of the individual, and why he wrote it.

  If you try some other type of treatment I hope you share you thoughts and feelings on if it was beneficial or not. Good luck!

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I'm glad to see your question here as this is exactly the route I have gone with treating my symptoms. I live in the Caribbean so Neuro's with MS experience are few and far between. I've gotten a "possible MS" diagnosis but will need to travel to get any further medical help.

I have spoken to a couple holistic Doctors and have completely changed my life over the past six months. I am now a vegetarian as my Dr's widely believed consuming meat and dairy would hinder my body in healing and maintaining itself. So lots of fruit, veggies, nuts, no bleached products (white rice or white bread) no soda, no sugar, no dairy and nothing preserved or dyed.

I also fast once a week for 24 hours which was a lot easier to do than it sounded and makes me feel a lot better than I could have imagined.

Unfortunately I have had to cut back on exercise as I get completely exhausted from pretty much any activity really. I do however garden and go to the beach with my dogs and try to get as much sunshine and fresh air as possible.

I get physio-therapy for my muscle issues and pain relief and this helps alot and removes the need for medication. I hate taking things just because I don't like the idea of treating a symptom and not the cause and I believe that living my life this way has helped me greatly.

I do feel better as a result of the changes I've made and I know it will only benefit me in the long run. I've lost weight and I have more energy so even if those are the only benefits I beleive it's been worth it.

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