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I walked and walked my dogs yesterday....

  Hi Everyone!!!  I just have to share this because the good days are far and few between.  I had a wonderful afternoon with my dogs yesterday.  The air was warm, it was sunny and clear and I felt good, the pain in the hip seems to be minimal right now and I took full advantage!  I decided to do the one thing I truly love, I walked my dogs.  It felt great.  We walked down our old path, to the creek and around the pasture, the dogs were being good, not pulling and they kept on looking at me like "Wow Mommy, do we get to keep on going?"  We probably walked a good half mile or more yesterday.  My dogs and I were so happy and for the first time since July, I felt closer to my old self and what a great feeling it was.  

My Love to All,

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Awe guys, you make me want to cry!!!  I really, really love you guys so much and I greatly appreciate the support I have been given by all of you.  It means the world to me to have all of you as my friends.  Thank you all for always being here for me.

Love Ya,

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My prayers for you have been:
That you find out what is really going on with you health wise
That you stop taking so many prescrition drugs that were holding you down, robbing you of energy
That you would be able to get around enough to go walking with your beasties
That your familial relationshis stay strong
That money concerns do not overtake your sense of well being

I think most of these are working out for you, hopefully all.  I think everybody here has been praying for you.
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Hi Ada,
  What a nice post to see!!!  I am so happy for you. Your walking route sounds peaceful and relaxing.  

   So are you on minimal meds??  What a relief!!

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This is the best news I have heard all week.  This is the geatest news, Ada.  Let's hope this trend continues.  I'll be praying for you sweetheart.  May your NEW FOUND HEALTH continue long into the future.

You made my day with your news sweetheart.  I am SO happy for you.

Keep hangin in.....

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Today, so far is good.  I forgot to mention that I am de-toxing off most of my meds and I think that is contributing to how I am feeling.  Most of those meds cause drowsiness and I am so sick of taking them.  I am waiting for the withdrawls to start though but am enjoying this new feeling of wellness immensely.  

Love to All,

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Hi Ada!

I am so happy for you that you finally felt a bit "normal" again....I am just wondering, How are you doing today--the day after?
It's so wonderful to hear good news, and thank you for sharing this with us..

I truly hope this feeling stays around for a long, long time...

Tammy xo

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How wonderful!! The fresh air and sunshine must have been great. I'm really happy you were able to do something you love. The dogs must have been just as happy. It must be in the air.........I felt good yesterday also. This morning the pain in my leg is back, but, managable.

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