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I'm Still here

Hi all . I have been around but have not been well.  I contracted a flu virus and was sick for 4 weeks and then was starting to feel better when I again got a flu virus and have taken a further 5 weeks and just starting to get over it.

I cannot believe how long it has taken to get better.  My DR did lots of bloods to check me out but I think a week immune system is common with ms. Do others find they take so much longer to get over any flus??

I am going back to the Neuro soon as I have been experiencing occasional times where I am unable to pee. I can get the urine out by straining a little at a time. This only happens intermittently so not sure it would be ms related as most of the time its ok.  I do have post void dribble and frequency I think.  Is peeing every hour sometimes 20 mins frequent?? lol

Hope everyone has been doing ok and look forward to your comments.


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Oh my, Mistylee.  That all sounds horrible.  I am going to assume that you did not have the flu vaccine this year and it illustrates why it is so important for us to be vaccinated if possible.  That is one long time to be down with the flu.

To the opposit of what you have said, with MS our immune system is OVERACTIVE and not weakened.

As for the frequent urination, you may very well have a UTI - please go get that checked and make sure that you haven't picked up some opportunitic virus.  

feel better, Lulu
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Glad to hear from you. I hardly ever get sick but when I do it can take awhile to get well. I am not going to jinx myself about the flu. I hope you feel better soon.

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Hi Mistylee,  I'm glad that you're still around and starting to feel a little better from your flu viruses.  I haven't had the flu in years.  I guess I'm lucky, since I never get a flu shot.  

Sometimes it takes a while for me to start peeing.   In fact, sometimes I'll be in there for 10 minutes before I can start.  Strangely, I also have frequency & urgency.  ???

I hope you continue to feel better.
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