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Knee pain?

Hey all,
I know it's been a while, I decided to take time off from my health even though my health hasn't exactly agreed to take a break from me! ;)

I am writing tonight because I have been experience g a rather uncomfortable problem that became severe last night. Let's just say...my whole ignore it and it will go away tactic didn't work.

Background real quick: in July I was exposed to 105 degree weather and took my child to a pool where I went down a water slide and miss calculated the bottom of the pool and kind of jammed my left leg. Which is the leg I limp with on occasion and my left side is where most of my problems happen.  So in response to this I iced and heated for a few weeks. It hurt for a couple of days, but not badly enough to make me go to the doc.

Well since then randomly at night when laying on my side in fetal position in gets an "uncomfortable" feeling so I move. Problem solved.  

Last night was a different story. I had to go to the bathroom after it happened and had moved. I stood up an felt like my leg was going to break excruciating pain, stiff unable to straighten leg.  Couldn't bare weight on it. The knee radiating downward. I hopped to the bathroom and back. Checked it again by attempting to stand up, resulted in tears. So I took 4 ibuprofen and a dose of 20mg baclofen. I laid back down straingt as a board and it didn't hurt. Woke up this morning and it was gone. Does this sound anything relate to MS? Or  am I avoiding the inevitable with possible knee injury? Any thoughts welcome :)

Hope all of you had a great summer!
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I would go to a GP or orthopedic first. Could be MS but it also could be an injury of some kind you do not want to ignore. Knees are a tricky thing having  to move in so many directions and hold most of our weight. I could simply be a pull of soft tissue which takes time to heal or arthritis or hanging up of the minuscus inside the knee can also cause problems. There are not one size kits all treatments for a knee. Sometimes you need the correct PT for the problem sometimes the right brace.  Sometimes all you need is rest and NSAIDs. I did air conditioning and had knee issues over the years. One I have surgery on and no more problems the other I fixed through exercise. Riding and walking consistently have kept the other from surgery for 15 yeara and I am allergic to NSAIDs. Sometimes they can give you cortezone. The one knee does worse the less exercise I get. Every knee is different and that is why I would start with a GP an possibly PT first. Sometimes like my shoulder it is not a quick fix

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Thanks f
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Thanks for the reply! I called ny GP who order physical therapy and also suggested massage. First I was told by the massage therapist that my left leg had a loose tendon and that my muscle were rigid. She check the motion and gave massage and sausage believed that there was no injury, but that it was just from what she felt and to follow up with ny doc. I didn't tell her that I have a MS dx maybe I should have I dunno.

I saw the physical therapist this A.M. Who I have seen for like 8 years on and off for different injuries and such. Anyways.. he told me virtually the same thing...believed no injuries and have loose tendon...and is gave me exercises. I go back on Wednesday.
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