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Kool Ties


Does anyone know were I can purchase a Kool Tie from in the UK, I want to try this product as it gets warmer because I cannot tolerate the heat.

I believe they are filled with gel or something and you soak the tie in cold water, it retains the moisture and you wrap/tie it around your neck, I'm not sure how long it stays cool for either!?

Has anyone used this product and how effective is it??

Thank you
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Thank you everyone for your comments and help.

I did a search and found a UK based company Soo-cool, that sells Kool Ties and they have a website, they sell Kafka's KoolTies, head scarf and chillow's which are imported from Arizona.  I contacted them and I can send an order with a cheque (I dont like ordering online) which is great.

I will order one and see what I think, in the meantime I will follow supermum's excellent instructions and make my own.

** supermum_ms - I havnt used my sewing machine or hand sewn for a long time, But, Im going to have a go, Im feeling positive and will try, so thanks for taking the time to post instructions.

Take good care of yourselves everyone.


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these cool ties are very simple to make and really do work.  Make more than one - your family and friends will want them too even if they don't have MS!!!

Don't be tempted to put extra crystals in the dry tube - remember they expand when they get wet!

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There are places all over the internet for purchasing and making cooling garments, neck wraps, vests, head gear, hats.


cooling garments multiple sclerosis

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they dont have a walmart but tthey do have a ASDA store  or at least one in Sccotland  might try an ASDA store
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I don't think there's a Walmart in the UK, but I know there's a Tesco's - you might see if they have the cool wraps.  In the Walmart it's usually in the camping/sports area.
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Thanks so much Supermum_ms

I have written down your instructions and will try to make one myself, I have some material from my quilting days and there is a local florist that will I'm sure have some of the crystals.


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Ok, here it is...

Go buy a packet of the plant water crystals that expand when wet.

Cut/tear a 115cm long strip of quilting cotton 15cm or so wide, Fold in half along the length,

RS together, stitch down the raw edge and along the 7.5cm bottom. Turn the long
narrow tube inside out. Measure a point 28cm on either side of the centre.

Stitch across here at the closed end.

Place a level tablespoonful, or less,
of the crystals inside the tube, stitch across at the other 28cm point, and
then turn in the raw edges at the end and stitch.

Now soak this in cold water for 20 mins or so, squeeze out and tie around
your hairline or neck.

The water held by the crystals evaporates slowly and cools you down.

Hope it helps


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We can buy them all over the place over here in OZ, give me a minute and i'll find the instructions on how to make them your self, its really simple.

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