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MRI, lesions, symptoms

I am new to this but we are just searching for some answers for my husband. 2007 was diag. date, he has probably 10 lesions (give or take) the first lower back MRI was this year with 2 lesions, his symptoms seem to be getting more and worse with some relief in between but it doesn't seem to totally go away, back pain, shaky hands, lower leg pain, some cognitive issues as well. The dr. seems to go only by the MRI results, and basically blows off his other issues. My question is that does anyone else have symptoms that come up without showing a lot of progression on the MRI?
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I would find a new neurologist. Yes a stronger DMD is important. I only have three lesions 10+ is more than usual.

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When we asked about new medication, we were given pretty much the "whatever you would like" answer... Since he has been on the same med since the start we are going to switch, maybe that will help?

thanks for your post.
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I'd recommend he finds another doctor. A neurologist should be monitoring MRI changes, but he should be just as, if not more, concerned with the patient's exam results and changes as well as their reported changes and symptoms over time.

The fact is, MRIs don't yet catch everything. They are a wonderful tool and it's amazing the information that can be gathered with a noninvasive test like this, however I'm extremely wary of a doctor who seems dismissive of anything outside of the MRI results.

Symptoms can and should be treated separated to DMD treatment. If that option hasn't been offered to your husband, that's a bad sign. If he is on a DMD and feels he has begun to progress, your doctor should be discussing the possibility of switching his DMD, or at the very least presenting his reasoning for not recommending a switch.
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I just asked my doctor this very same question.  I asked "If my MRI shows no new activity, can I still get worse".  His answer is "yes, because the damage is there".  He is a MS specialist.  

I hope that helped.  If you guys aren't happy with his physician, you have the right to second, third, fourth opinions.  

I hope he feels better.  Hang in there!

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