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MS and Keratosis?

Is it possible for a person with R/R Multiple Sclerosis, to have a facial bump that my doctor says may be keratosis, because of the autoimmune disease?  I have a skin-colored, small, growth with a dark link in the middle (that will lighten with washing), on the left side of my left eye. It is just above the temple area, adjacent to my left outer corner of my left eye.  It doesn't hurt, but the appearance of it bothers me.  My Doctor says that it could turn cancerous and that I should get it removed.  Just wondering if this is something I should do immediately and if it's a common thing?  Thanks!
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I don't mean to diminish the importance of dermatologists.  My brother had 3 melanomas on his thigh.  He's a cancer survivor thanks to his dermatologist's keen eye.

I only mean a plastic surgeon is trained to make the least noticeable scar when it comes to the face.

No offense!  Carry on!

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You know, I don't know much about keratosis, but I work for a plastic surgeon, and he is adamant about removing things, pronto!  If your doc says a kearatosis could turn cancerous, I would definitely look for a good plastic surgeon (only because it's on the face--insurance will pay for this) and make an appointment.  

When a person has squamous cell carcinoma (not TOO urgent) on their face, we try to schedule their procedure within two months of diagnosis.  If it's basal cell -- one month.  Melanomas are an entirely different urgent matter. So, I would schedule it now to get it off your mind.  Why wait?  You can ask your internist for a referral.  Please don't settle for a dermatologist, since it's near your eye on your face.

About the auto-immune issues, I really don't know.  I wish I couls answer more.  Are you an MS patient?  I've not 'spoken' with you before.  If you're new -- Welcome!  If you've been around a while, I'm sorry I don't reconize the name -- I'm pretty awful!

Take care and let us know how it's all going.

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