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Meeting Vascular Consultant Tomorrow

Hi all,

As I work in a hospital I approached a Vascular Research Registrar last night before I finished work and asked CCSVI. She gave me some very useful information but said that there was so much vascular research going on at the moment she really hadn't a chance to review it a lot. She promised to speak to her vascular consultant regarding it and get back to me.

PHONE CALL today: The vascular consultant is very interested in seeing me and doing some scans (CT venogram) I think????? I'm not sure what else he wants to investigate but anyway I'm booked into see him tmro and will let you all know how I get on. Anxious to see if in fact i have stenosis......... Excited...

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It's great to hear they are going to look at you closer!
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Had doppler today which didn't s how up anything. CT venogram booked for next week. Vascular consultant I saw actuanlly met Dr. Zamboni in New York 2 years ago at a conference and didn't think his research would amount to much (at the time he had very few subjects and hard data). He has since met him twice and recently. He is so enthusiastic about what all of this could mean.

Roll on CT .... again I'll keep you posted......
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I could have sworn I responded to this earlier but don't see my post - anyway, I am glad you have learned the value of being proactive.  

Please keep us informed on what this doctor has to say.
be well,
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To: Sharoncoen,

Good luck for tmro will be interesting to hear what turns up, Alot of MS sufferes have circulation problems with Raynauds.

I also know a few with vascular problems. The Stenosis investigation will be interesting for your pce of mind.

Good luck will look out for your post take care tarter.
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