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Multiple Sclerosis? Or something else?

Sunday March 20 at approx 2am I woke up with pain in my mouth left side. It felt like it was coming from two teeth. One upper and one lower and radiated around. Pain was strong for about three hours. After taking Motrin and alleve the pain dulled and I went back to sleep. When I awoke the pain was still there so I called the dentist. I saw the dentist on Monday and she sent me directly to endontist assuming I needed a root canal. Endontist could not find tooth needing root canal and asked me to come back on Wednesday. Within that time I noticed more wide spread pain into my sinus and in ear and even into my eye but pain wasn't severe, more of an ache. All on the left side of my face. When I went for re evaluation  on Wednesday Doctor noticed small lesions on my tongue. She sent me right to oral surgeon and told me to come back and see her on Monday march 28. Surgeon took X-ray and it looked fine. He told me he thought I had shingles and prescribed me prednisone for five days. In the next five days the pain in my face subsided and the sores on my tongue got worse. I started beginning to feel tingling under my left arm that seemed to stay in my left shoulder blade down underneath my arm down to my pinkies. Almost like my arm was asleep. I also started feeling tingling in my cheeks. These sensations would come and go. Monday went to endontist and she said she noticed the lesions looked a little worse but to give a week for them to get better.  Tuesday both my arms were tingling underneath down to my pinkies and face  was tingling. By Tuesday night arm tingling faded but arms ached a little. Tuesday night my neck started burning up to and around my jaw and has been pretty constant since then but sometimes it's mild and sometimes I feel like heat on my neck and jaw. It also looks slightly rashy to me. I have a small red spot on the left side of my neck. I went for a follow up on Wednesday March 30 with my primary. She checked my arm strength and examined me quickly. She asked me if I had anxiety which I guess she has to ask but still didn't sit will and also questioned wether I was giving her accurate information about the surgeon saying I had shingles and the prescription for prednisone. If anything she was giving me anxiety. She then Said she wasn't anything was wrong with me but wanted to monitor me for multiple sclerosis by me keeping a diary and come back in 8 weeks. Also she gave me a couple blood tests for b12 and thyroid which came back normal. The latest symptom I've been feeling is a mild leg throbbing in my right leg along with the continuous neck burning sensation and on and off tingling in my arms.  The sores on my tongue are healed and only occasionally will feel a little ache on left side of my face. Any advice?
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Hi Katie -

I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch. I'm not a doctor, but waht you describe does not sound like MS to me. MS does not present with rashes or sores. It just doesn't. And the pins and needles associated with MS do not come and go. They come and stick around for a while, days, weeks, months...

I would kep the journal that your pimary suggested and try and relax a bit :-)

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Hi Katie, I also don't believe what you have described happening to you, is actually related to a neurological condition like MS. The Lesions you'll read about with MS are in the brain and or spinal cord but you have lesions are located in you mouth, totally different type of lesion.

If you've been dx with shingles, the paresthesia sensations, skin lesions, heat rash etc would all be symptoms that are associated, so it's much more likely that what you've been experiencing is being caused by the shingles and not something else like MS that isn't associated with what you've described.

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