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Multiple symptoms, for several year, urologist finally putting pieces of puzzle together...

I never thought I'd be posting in the forum, but I may be diagnosed with MS.

I am in Toronto Canada, female, 31, relatively healthy person

But over the past year and a half I have had a bunch of bizarre things happening to my body and have been sent to so many individual doctors who keep telling me there is nothing wrong with me.  So I figure I just have to get used to these things and move on with my life.


Bladder retention - Spring 2007 went to my friends wedding could not empty my bladder.  very distressing, but I forced myself to go (much straining) and it went away after the night. blamed my allergy pills. Then it started happening more frequently and lasting longer (sometime I have a bad week, then clears up for four weeks and I can go no problem)

eyes  - August 2007 , (saw lightning bolts and such for several weeks, then noticed things always seem foggy, some double vision especially noticeable at night, still have it) I have had my eyes checked by two ophthalmologists about 5 times and they say my vision is ok, no reason to explain this.  I am now at the point of accepting this but I would like to be able to drive again, but foggy vision is very hard with glare. If I don't sleep at least 8 hours eyes are very bad. Cat scan normal.

right hand  - numb, tingles, and a very prominent tremor -January 2008 went to family doctor, again. She suspected carpal tunnel syndrome, tests were normal.  Had the tremor until November 2008 when I noticed it was much less active. The only I did was start taking cal / mag vit. D pills when I started having increased dental cavities. still have days where pins and needle and finger tips feel like they are burning.

vertigo -  March 2008 back at family Dr, because started having frequent vertigo referred to ENT, Had found a ruptured ear drum, but after it healed I still had Vertigo. ERG testing in september 2008 showed not related to inner ear. ENT feels it is because of my eyes. Still have vertigo, but I think I'm getting used to it. (able to function ok) Much worse when tired.

Had an MRI, in May 2008,  no dye used it was normal.

September 2008 saw a neurologist, he noted numb areas on my right hand I was unaware of, and said tremor was benign essential tremor. He said there was nothing the matter on my neuro exam, except my right side reflexes were hyper. He said MRI was normal. no testing needed. Could take pills for tremor, but had to see an asthma specialist because of my ashram. I told him about vertigo, he brushed it off.

November 2008 back at family dr. still have a lot of difficulty with  bladder. Went for a pelvic ultrasound. Showed a right side ovary cyst. Rechecked in January 2009, cyst resolved.

February 2009 referred to Urologist because of continued pain and bladder difficulty.

Urologist originally thought I had a nerve problem as a result of past herpes in fection. He said it is a common reason among young healthy female patients referred to him for retention.

Then we started talking about my history this past year and said he really thinks something else is going on. He set up an appointment with the neurologist at the hospital and an MRI scan.  He is concerned with so many small things and so many individual doctors not putting all the symptoms together. (ie. eye doctor for one thing, neuro for carpal tunnel now him for urinary)  

He asked how I felt and I told him this last year I've been really trying to get used to these things and it has been very hard. I'm pretty much fed up with going to so many doctors and them telling me all is well when I feel so crappy a lot of the time. He didn't mention MS, but my family dr did last year when she ordered the first MRI.

So here I am, and it's pretty scary. But I think inside I know that all is not well or I wouldn't feel like this.

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Well, of course you love spring and fall; you live here in Ohio!  I've been to Toronto, Canada (though it's been decades) and it's just not the same, I'm sure.  Our summers are the stuff of legend, with humidity that makes people want to move to Phoenix.

Summerlvr, she's right.  This is a great group.  Diagnosis takes persistence, and because of that, it also takes patience.  Hope you'll stick around.
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hi summerlvr,
I sure hope you don't have ms, but if you do you have found a wonderful community to share your questions and frustrations with....

Your timeline sounds like something neurological going on, now it's up to the doctor, preferably just one or two, to sort out the pieces and come up with a diagnosis.  You know something is wrong, so be persistent.  Pursuing a diagnosis can take lots of patience and pushing for more tests.

I hope you will come here often and continue to share your progress.  Listen to your instinct and don't give up on finding answers.

my best,

ps I love spring and fall!
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