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OT - Mayo Clinic Conference

A while back I entered the patient scholarship opportunity for the Social Media conference at Mayo Clinic. You may have even been one of the many people who ‘liked’ me through Facebook. They awarded three scholarships for the patient/caregiver and one companion to attend the conference. I was not one of the three people selected to attend, but I did reach out to the winners with my congratulations. There was a response from one of the three finalists – and when I heard from Melissa I wrote to her that if she was unable to find someone in her network to attend, to please keep me in mind.

It was a very pleasant surprise last week when I received a message from Melissa inviting me to attend the conference in October. I wanted to immediately reply ‘yes,’ but I had to work through some details as to how I would cover the cost of travel and my lodging, because those are not included for the companion. I was finally able to arrange my finances and confirm with Melissa and the reps from Mayo Clinic that I will indeed be attending their conference.

Please take some time to read Melissa’s scholarship entry and follow her links to find out more about her cause –
Hunter’s Syndrome, an extremely rare disease that affects her young son, Case.


Her facebook page, SavingCase, can be viewed at http://www.facebook.com/savingcase?ref=ts. If you want to learn more, please take the ten minutes to view the film linked on her page BOYS WITH BIGGER HEARTS, ( or view it at bit.ly/BWBH).

I will definitely be sharing what I learn from this conference with all of you.
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Have a wonderful trip!  As you can see, I've been a bad dog with the board, here, but I'm still interested in what you find out! :-D
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Thanks, JB.  Now get back to studying for that big MRI test on Friday.  :-)
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your insight will be priceless ..

sending you BIG  SMILES   :-D


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Thanks,  I can't begin to imagine the amount of notes I will. take during five days of this conference.  They include tours of Mayo if anyone is interested and my neuro said to be sure to go - he was uber excited that I am going to this even though he hates patients  doing our own research on the internet.  

Now do you think I could slide into their MS clinic and ask one of them why the he ll it is so hard to get a dx of MS from Mayo? If I get the chance, you know I will ask why they have a different standard for diagnosis than the rest of the world.  :-)
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Hi Lu,

This really is great news! I'm really looking forward to hearing what you learn there. I am very grateful that we have you to share important info with  all of us! Enjoy the conference :)

Safe Travels!
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Great news!  Have a good time and I'll look forward to hearing about it!

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This is great news! I'm so glad you get to go to the conference, meet new people, and potentially have the opportunity for conversations with those in authority who are trying to make a difference in healthcare social media -

Keep em' Honest Woman!!!! We're counting on it ;)

Looking forward to hearing how it goes :) - have a safe trip.
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