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This maybe nothing to do with MS but I figured you guys would know.

I get a lot of nausea feeling is that MS related?

Also sometimes when I go to pick something up, I get a sharp pain

Arm & it almost feels like I broke it. It only last a few seconds & it happens in both arms

At different times.

Thanks for any info on this. Linda
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I have nausea almost daily at the moment but it is associated with either dizziness or vertigo. I find that I can have the nausea long after the dizziness has gone. I have found mine is with me during the warmer months but disappears in winter.....unless I get overheated.

I sometimes feel nauseous & I'm not even aware that I am a bit dizzy because the dizziness can be very mild & it's almost always there so I'm sort of used to it. I certainly know when it is vertigo though. I have very blurred & sometimes double vision so this doesn't help either. I thought I was on my own with the nausea but apparently not so. My OT suggested I wasn't alone with this either.

I can understand how you feel if you are getting nausea because it *****. :-( I have also found it can be triggered by stress & fatigue. I went through quite comprehensive testing for this to ensure it wasn't my ears & the specialists said it was a brain issue. I also had testing for postural orthostatic tachycardia which was also negative.

I also get a sharp "shock like" pain in my right arm which is usually when I'm using the arm. I haven't thought much about it to be honest as it is only occasionally. I thought this may be due to my arthritis but I don't really know. I don't have carpal tunnel so who knows. It doesn't affect my life on the grand scale so I just ignore it. I'm not sure what your pain is that you are describing & how often it effects you so it's probably a bit different for you.

I would mention these things to your Neuro particularly if they are new & suggesting any increased disease activity.

Take Care......K
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Back in 2010, I had nausea (no vomiting) for 10 months straight.  Went to a GI doctor and had an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy which revealed moderate gastritis. Zofran did not help, but I took it anyways due to the feeling I was "doing something" about it.

Occasionally, I will have the nausea that may last part of a day, to a few days in a row, but never to the extreme back in 2010.  

It's an awful feeling.  Sometimes you'd rather have a muscle spasm or tingling of both feet than to have nausea. LOL.

I've not experienced the "broke arm" feeling, but I agree with "K" and encourage you to discuss this with your Neurologist.

Be good and keep us posted.


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Dxd with MS first in 2010, then again (after a long journey through specialists who just weren't sure) this past summer, I'm almost always sick to my stomach. *****, right? Going through the same tests - ears, digestive track - so far all clear. I am having problems with dizziness but my eyes are apparently fine. And my first relapse included severe numbness and pain from my head to my hips with reduced function in my arms. I never got back full function and I still have pain in my rib cage and spasms everywhere. So my not-a-doctor thought is that I might have spasticity in my trunk causing stomach agitation. I know I now have spasticity in my legs and hands, it's not the craziest idea. But docs still aren't quick to jump on it, so who knows.

My thought is if you've got MS and you've got a funny feeling and you've ruled out the other possibilities, it's probably MS. Your electrical system is responsible for so many things. How you process what you touch, how your muscles move (or don't), how food goes through your body, how you see and hear and think and sleep.. all can be affected and the dysfunction can manifest anywhere. And the most screwed up part is you might not have any new  lesions on an mri.. you just have to know that the problem is complex and you're not nuts for feeling the way you do. You are not manifesting this. You have MS. And I'm sorry you have to go through it.
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