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Questions about o-bands and MS hug

Hi. I am a 37 year old female. I have a question about oligoclonal bands. My neurologist has been testing me for MS, due to my symptoms of left leg weakness, numbness, neurogenic bladder and balance issues.  When I saw him for my LP results, he told me that I had o-bands in both my serum and CSF. I think I heard him say 15 in each, but I may have heard wrong. He tends to "think out loud" and talk and me interchangeably. I know I heard him say bandS, as in plural. He said that the other two tests on my CSF were okay. However, he expressed a concern about "opportunistic infections" and said that al the meds I am on can open my body to that possibility.

Previous MRIs came back okay. That was two years ago, according to him. (My memory stinks.) I had the brain and spine imaged -- all okay. He told me I will need follow up MRI(s?) and I am having the brain done with/without contrast 14 Jul 15. Areas below the head are contraindicated due to my bladder pacemaker (I have a neurogenic bladder).

My confusion lies over the "opportunistic infection" thing. I don't know why that came up. It confuses and worries me. Can someone please provide me with general information as to what this might mean in the given context? In other words, the doctor mentioned it when talking about the presence of o-bands in both blood and serum, but did not explain why. There is some kind of disconnect here. My husband went to the appointment with me and he was confused, too. I find it hard to communicate with the doctor, though he is very smart.

Also, what is the MS hug? Can someone please explain it to me? I feel like I cannot wear a bra because it is too uncomfortable, as if I am already wearing one. Does it feel like that? I have felt that way for some time.

Thank you for your insight and your time.

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Usually with MS you have o-bands in CSF but not the blood serum. If you have o-bands in both it could point to something else like an infection. He may have to figure it out.

I MS hug is an incredible crushing sensation.It is like a python squeezing you. If you have inflammation of the ribs that can make it uncomfortable to have anything touch you. I have it. I can't stand bras, or my cat walking on me, or ultra sounds (I cry).


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O-bands that are in both your blood and CSF "cancel each other out" for diagnostic purposes. 4 in the blood, 4 in the CSF = zero unique oligoclonal bands. 2 in the blood, 4 in the CSF = 2 unique oligoclonal bands, and so on.

Bands in both could indicate infection (past or present, I don't actually know). I don't know what kind of medications you're taking, but in combination it sounds like they may have the possible side-effect of making you more prone to infections giving the o-band results. For example, I'm on an immunosuppressant. If I had a lab result without other explanation, 'opportunistic infection' would need to be considered even if I was asymptomatic.
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Thank you both for the clarification!
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