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Tamiflu for h1n1

I was wondering if it is safe to take tamiflu if you end of getting the flu.  Has anyone taken it yet?
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I am no Doctor, Quix probably would have better answer. I would think anything that lessens the severity would be a good thing. What does your Doctor say?

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The anti-viral flu meds are ONLY useful if begun with the first 48 or 72 hours (I forget which) of the beginning of the illness.  Then they only shorten the illness.  It is useless to take them later as the disease is already fully developed and they have little to no effect.

I just reread your post and think you are asking "if you end up getting the flu."  These meds are really quite safe for us.  They can have some usually tolerable side effects.  If they are started early enough they can lighten the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of the illness by several days.

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HI Quix - thank you very much for your answer.  Just out of curiosity, are you a nurse or doctor?
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I forget that not everybody knows.  I'm a physician.  I practiced Pediatrics for 23 years before being disabled by chronic verigo - not MS.  The MS showed up four years later.

You can read my story in my journal.


BTW I recommend that everyone write their story up in their journal so we all can read it and understand more as we talk about stuff.  The journal is easy to access and doesn't fall off the page after 12 hours so we always can learn about each other.

So, that's why I act like a know-it-all  :))

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My 18 year old son as H1N1...caught it at college and was sent home immediately. He was given Tamiful within the first 48 hours and he is recovering very well.  I do believe had it not been for the Tamiflu he would be feeling much worse for a longer period of time.

I'm a believer!

Wanna :o)
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