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Tired of all the test...

I've had familiar tremors ever since i was born but recently I've been having sudden & severe problems with numbness & tingling in my Arms,Hands "pinky" & feet. The fatigue is so severe I can only walk a few feet before needing to rest "Heart pounding". Laying in bed with my arms either straight or across my chest the numbness and tingling set in gradually. I was a Truck driver but the dizziness is just getting worse along with the visual distances "blood spots in vision" They just recently put me on blood pressure Meds most recent test 160/95-109 I've noticed although my blood pressure will occasionally return to normal my pulse never slows down even at rest.The cardiologist gave my heart a clean bill of health.  I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but the Gabapentin was the root cause of vertigo i was previously suffering from and discontinued treatment. I had the doctor do a brain scan because i thought it might be Multiple sclerosis but the scan came up normal & now he wont even consider the possibility of it or other test. He's pressing thyroid issues now but wont treat it because beta blockers make me sick.  I'm not Diabetic nor do i smoke I'm a social drinker... I still think its Multiple Sclerosis but he wont hear it.. tired of all the test if anything he's bankrupting the wife & I  
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I need to add to my question, for about a year now I've been getting pains above my left nipple but the pain radiates all the way through to my back. Assuming it was only structural I went to a chiropractor but that hasn't helped any..
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Hi. To answer just one part of your post, beta blockers are not what's used to treat thyroid problems. If your thyroid is underactive, the treatment is pretty simple--thryoid supplementation. You would be given a prescription pill to be taken daily, and then some weeks later your blood would be tested to determine whether you've reached the right levels. If not, the pill strength would be adjusted upward or downward till all falls within normal range.

If you are hyperthyroid (overactive) things are a bit more complicated, but still quite manageable. Most people taking thyroid meds do very well with no side effects. Just saying that you are making an assumption here that may be costing you in terms of health and well-being. Thyroid testing is just a matter of blood work.

I can't comment much about your other symptoms except to say they don't really sound like MS. I would listen to your doctor and proceed with testing for thyroid, vitamin deficiencies and peripheral neuropathy, also various kinds of anemia.

Others here may have more ideas.

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I have had a fast heart rate most of my life with my resting hr at over 100bpm & I have also been told my heart is fine & that I have sinus tachycardia. Many people have a fast heart rate naturally & it doesn't always mean it's dangerous. Maybe wearing a halter monitor which records your heart rate continuously over a period of 24 hours will give you more idea of what your heart rate is actually doing.

You probably need to give the blood pressure tabs a good try because the lower number (dystolic) is the one you should be worried about which should never be near 100. Sometimes anxiety can give a person both high heart rate & high blood pressure as well as the feeling of "heart pounding" you've mentioned. The beta blockers can be taken to lower heart rates as well but as Ess said they are not used for thyroid problems.

I must be honest in saying I don't read anything that is really screaming MS to me but I am only a person living with MS with no other experience medically speaking. The numbness & tingling with MS doesn't change with body position. Most of what you have mentioned symptom wise can be from anxiety so if you are experiencing anxiety in life then it's in your best interest to get appropriate treatment & counselling for this.

Also with medications like Gabapentin you should reduce slowly & never just ceased or the body will go into a tail spin which I hope you were advised to do. Please seek further help from a doc your feel you can trust. I hope this helps you some.


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Hi and welcome,

I always look through newbies posting history to see if there is something else not mentioned in their post to us, and i noticed in one of your later posts you mention you've been dx with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome and GAD, which can be caused by the DdDS and i would highly suggest you contact the foundation for some practical help and treatment suggestions. see http://www.mddsfoundation.org/    for more information.

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I've been to almost all the specialist around.
Cardiologist, Otolaryngologists, Rheumatologist & a Neurologist in the past 5 years I see a Endocrinologist next month for a Ultrasound.. I'm hoping that he'll find me whats plaguing me or else I will return to the Neurologist.. Your right in saying I'm a newbie, it wasn't until the doctor's had no idea that I began asking more questions outside the office. I was in excellent condition in the Army but after, things started gradually worsening. My Familial Tremors were confined to my hands but now its in my arms as well..  

I do appreciate everyone's comments, I try to be as accurate as I can! In a comment above about the "beta blocker" Im pretty sure i goofed, I believe that was the doctors attempt at controlling my tremors at the time...    
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