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How is everyone doing this week?  Especially after Halloween?  I only ate 2 suckers that I swiped from my kids, yet I think I am struggling with a plateau.  I have only lost 1 pound!  I think I will have to switch things up a bit.  I have included forcing myself to use the treadmill that sits waiting in front of the TV.  Oh, but how I would rather sit at the computer and chat....

I hope you are all doing better than I am.  Remember muscle weighs more than fat, approx. 3 times as much, yet only takes up approx. 1/3 of space.  So hopefully I have gained some muscle???  I should take a measurement.  

Lets cheer each other on, as I need some motivation!  At least if we start now, we will have a jump start on next summer, huh?  We should all be look'in good by then.  Remember to love your body...no matter what.
Till then, my beauties...Terrie
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Halloween is a major temptation for me...open bowls of candy everywhere!  Ugg.  I really noshed this week, and no exercise to boot.  However, I did remain the same weight - I'm just pleased I didn't go up!  

This week:  0.0 lbs, total lost:  1.5 lbs.

Tonka...losing 1 pound is not a plateau!  Slow and steady wins the race..I've always heard a loss of 1 or 2 pounds a week is all you should be shooting for, so you're right on track!  And good for you for only having 2 suckers!!  Woohoo!


ps...for about the last 2 or 3 weeks, all my symptoms have seemingly resolved!!!  Finally...it's been 6 months of constant buzzing and numb limbs.  I was beginning to wonder if I would ever be in the "remit" category again.  *knock on wood*  I'm still going to follow up with some more MRI's in a few months - if it is MS, I definately want to be on the disease-modifying drugs to keep more attacks at bay.  
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AAAARRGHH!  I gained .4 this week.  Blah, I knew that cheating would catch up to me!  
However....now it is ON!!!  (Not the weight, but the loss of it)
I got my sister-in-law to join in.  Nothing like a little competition in the family to get me motivated ;-P

Talk to you losers next week!

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Oh, shoot...forgot the total!

Lost this week: +0.4  Total lost:  - 2.8 lbs
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For once its nice to be called a "loser"!  2.8 pounds is great, how did you do it?
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Lost 2 more! So I have lost 4 in total and am on my way to my goal of at least 5 a month. A big however, though. My son and his girl friend are working in Hawaii and their boss said I can stay there free, so I am off for a vacation from 11/15-11/30. I plan on trying to eat wisely, but . . . I might be the pig at the luau and I love coconut! Oh, well. Innis
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I am up a pound . . . . .gave in to my urge for candy a little more than I thought I would.  My total loss is at 1.0 lbs,  better than nothing but I have to get serious and show you all my competitive side!

Sounds like you are all gonna give me a run for my money though!  Great job ladies!!!!  

Have a great vacation Innis and say hello to that pig for me!
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No loss, no gain, still total loss of 3.5.....Lost one of my co-workers to cancer on Friday morning. I tend towards stress eating, so wasn't a good weekend. I was just thankful no weight gain..Maggie
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No loss no gain.  Me too!  That in itself is a miracle seeing I just got back from travels to Malaysia, which DID include eating.  So total is still -1.9.

By the way guys don't be too worried about plus or minus a pound.  Fluctuations are normal and what we would like is a gradual downwards trend.

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So, I weighed myself again this morning because I was curious and I weight 1 pound less than yesterday.  I am going to go out and buy a new battery for my scale!  Also, I was perfect, no cheating at all yesterday.  That seems to help...

South Beach Diet Rocks!!!  You can lose, on average, 1 pound a day for the first 2 weeks!!!
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You ladies are Fantastic.What support you have for each other.

I may have to join ya soon,plan on quiting smoking on Nov.15th the Great American Smoke Out.Pantry here I come.

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You crack me up, T!

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Gotta keep the humor and to think I bought 4 pair of new jeans today,maybe I should of gotten a bigger size.I ain't gonna say what size ya all wanna hurt me.

Fitness center here I come.

Keep up the hard work.

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