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Weather check in

Cool and wet and in the low 60's today in my part of Alaska and feeling ok is all.

  How are you doing in your part of the world

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  LOL and here I was thinking about how much of a rotten summer that we are having this year I think we MAY have hit the 70's only 2 or 3 days so far and we still got a lot of snow still on the high hills tops

  But if we aren't getting wet from the rain where getting wet from the fishing as we try netting them in but that part I really don't mind haha just over the weekend we got 45 salmon by dip netting and now it's time to get the poles out and hit the river

  I really feel for ya'll in that kind of heat but even at the 70's I feel like crud and just want too sleep the day away.

  But we are now getting some sunshine but still in the high 50's for now

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Steamy...... sticky...... moist......HOT
And, no, I'm not talking about some good ol' Cinnabon or roll!

Heat index feels like 100s, and yesterday at 1600 my vehicle registered as 96 outside.

I'm more than ready for this wave to roll out of the East Coast - be gone already....

Who else?


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I am sooo jealous of you right now!!!! hehehe  Down here in Iowa, it has been hitting 90-95 the last few days and the heat index hitting at least a 100.  And its really humid here, icky!!!  We did get lucky this morning and have a nice thunderstorm blow through so it should keep it under 90 today.  Can we move up there with you? hehehe


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Hello Cowboy,
  Like others I sure would enjoy those cool temps. I am just east of Atlanta Ga, it has been extremely HOT and MUGGY. mid 90's on tap again today. Hope you are feeling well, Good to hear from you. Take Care.
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It is about 79 here and I'm with Wobbly...don't feel well at all today and thinking I did too much this weekend.  This is the first time I had people over and actually cooked for em'...probably Christmas when hubby's brother was here and he did all the cooking then so it's a lot longer than that and will be a while again!  

Played Bocce at the friends place last night and it was really warm and it was really weird...My skin was really cold and clammy but I felt incredibly hot and sickly...any hints?  I don't ever recall feeling like that before!

Hubby is doing the bbq tonight and then he said he would go get a Blizzard at Dairy Queen and then we are going to watch a movie in front of the little air conditioner we have.

Hope everyone else is getting by with what mother nature is dishing out!

Lots of Hugs,


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Gosh, it must be nice.  It was 100 here today with a heat index of 105, whewwwww!!!
Good ole Alabama in the summer time.

I'm trying to stay in as much as possible, but it's so hot the air conditioning is even having a hard time keeping up.

You stay cool and think of all us down here in the lower states melting.

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we have sun here today...and warm...

I'm not feeling good...I haven't even opened my blinds on the windows and still in my nightgown and housecoat...

I guess going to my sisters for a BBQ is way too much...boy I was home by 7:30...

thanks for being here everyone...don't know what I would do without you..

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Hi there, what wonderful cool weather that sounds like! I too am in the deep south and the only relief is the occasional brief gusts of wind off the gulf. It's hot, warm and muggy here night and day. I'm in love with our A/C! and I stay inside where it's cool! I'm a bit like Quix though, and I don't like all that air blowing on me, so if you could see me now you see me in sweatpants trying not to freeze. :)

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I'm quite envious of your cool temperatures.  I've been having a hard time of it here in Texas - we haven't had a day below 95° in at least two months.  This week is forecast at all 100s across the board - Sunday through Sunday.  Ick.  It's enough to make me want to move north.  Not that I want to move north, but I can't take this temperature.  I end up getting too hot and spending all my weekends asleep on the couch!
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I'm in the Portland, OR area and we have been very cool, sunny and dry for the last week.  I think it's starting to warm up again, though.  I have been glorying in the cool breeze and being able to leave the windows open most of the day.  I actually don't like the feeling of the A/C blowing on me, though I prefer it to being hot.

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