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What is wrong with my sister?

In September my sister who is 37 years old had a seizure while at work.  We took her to the emergency room and she had another seizure in the ER, this was a grand mal seizure.  The doctors began testing her to try to figure out why this began all of a sudden.  She had never had seizures before.  Well, during her EEG the doctor stated that she had seizures during the entire 30 minute test which were petite mal seizures?  She didn't even realize she was having them.  He said she could have had this her entire life.  Well, he put her on Keppra and sent her home.  Since then she has had episodes of tingling that began in her left leg, moved up her hip, side, shoulder, neck and then felt like it "washed" from the back of her head to the front.  Afterward she is totally exhausted for a day or two.  She has also experienced joint pain, back pain which they say is from her sciatic nerve and pain and loss of strength in her hands.  A test performed last week to check for carpal tunnel syndrom showed she had pinched nerves in both elbows "funny bone".  Well, the neurologist has increased her Keppra dosage twice and she is still having the breakthrough seizures which are the tingling and washing over her body.  Last week we noticed that her pupils were unequal.  Her right eye was dilated and her left eye was constricted.  Tonight her right eye was constricted and her left eye was dilated.  We mentioned this to her doctor ,but he didn't offer an explanation.  She has been experiencing pain over her whole body for 2 days and sharp pains on the back right side of her head and in the middle of the back of her head.  I know I am forgetting something, but can't think of it now.  The doctor said he did not think she had MS or brain lesions, but we are considering getting a second opinion.  What do you think?  Oh yeah, he did tell her that she has Jacksonian Seizure disorder.
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Hi there,

I'm so sorry for what your sister is going through this must be so scary for the two of you. You've happened upon the MS forum, and I'm so sorry I have no expertise in the area of seizures.

My intial thoughts are that your sister should continue to keep going back to her treating neuro and look him dead in the eye and ask for an explanation. And, if there is none given then follow that up with "can you refer me to someone who can help gain some control of these seizures and their secondary problems."

MS doesn't come to mind by what you describe if that helps you feel any better. I'm doubtful it will as all I'm sure you want is some stability for your sister.

Thanks for joining us and I hope we can be a sense of support for you while you go through this.

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