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Who's had mono?

Just wondering who on this forum had mono at some point?  There was a show on PBS last night and they discussed a possible link.
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I had mono when I was 22. First MS episode was at 31.

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I had mono as a teenager.  Just thought I was tired all the time until the doctor tested me.
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I had mono when I was 16
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I did NOT have mono but my Epstein-Barr levels were elevated for over 3 years and got a diagnosis 6 yrs later, probably would have been sooner if neuro had actually READ the MRI.
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I had mono when I was 17

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I have chronic Mono. I had two bad episodes I know of one in college and one in 2008. The problem Is 98% of the world's population has had the EBV. Most people get such a mild case in childhood they do not know it. Ergo you can't say EBV causes MS because there would be lot more MS. I think people with MS have a genetic mutation and something in the environment triggers it. Probably it needs a combination of triggers. Sort of like I have the BRAC 1 mutation for cancer and something in the environment triggered my cancer to develop. In my case I was born with the mutation for cancer and probably MS. My mother drank a lot, chained smoked, and took speed to keep my birth weight down ( doctors idea in the 1960's ) through out my pregnancy, I was exposed to something at Key West as an infant probably DDT, drank the contaminated water at Camp Lejuene for two years as a small child ( federal law to compensate victims I have mixed feeling and have not applied ), I had all kinds of viruses measles, mumps, chicken pox, EBV, and had lots of real bad trauma growing up which made my stress levels to be on over drive. I will never know what set off my MS or cancer for sure. It is interesting to speculate. They do not know enough about MS. They do not even really know what MS is. The mouse model they use to make MS drugs is not MS it is a man made disease they think acts like MS. They often do not know why the drugs even work.  I had MS  for over 40 years before I was diagnosed and cancer for  at least six years before I was diagnosed.
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I wonder if I have carried the virus since I had mono but being pregnant weakened my immune system enough to allow it to take over.  I was fine until I got pregnant but a few weeks into the pregnancy all the symptoms started to hit and now I know that was the beginning of MS for me.
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I had a very severe case of mono when I was 15.

Laurie :)
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I was told that I had been exposed to mono at SOME point...but I did hear there was some theoretical link btwn that & autoimmune diseases/disorders.
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I try not to kiss and tell ;)

(but never had mono that I know of)
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I've had mono twice.
I've read that everyone that has MS has had mono (whether they knew it or not).  But of course everyone who's had mono will not get or does not have MS.
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Alex is correct that most people are infected with EBV however it's not the virus alone that is linked to MS but a history of infectious mono caused by that virus.  I believe the risk of developing MS is twice that for those who have had mono than for the general population.  The thinking is that it's a combination of mono, low Vit D and a genetic predisposition towards MS.  Of course they don't actually know, this is one of many theories posited.

I did have mono when I was 21.  Was very sick; fatigue, jaundice, painful throat, headache, night sweats.  Took months to feel normal again.  Dx'ed with MS at age 39.
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I had mono when I was 20. I never have gotten fever, and to be honest I thought it was a sinus infestation. Starting then I was told I had mono, and would have to stay in bed for a week. I am not yet dxs, and will have to check into this though.
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So I just did some research. Due to being in limbo land I looked up mono in general. They are showing a connection btw it and autoimmune disorders in general. Just thought it might be helpful info to others as well.
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