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clinical diagnosis

What does a clinical diagnosis mean????
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In MS it would mean upon examination, the doctor found physical symptoms that would substantiate a diagnosis.This could include abnormal balance or reflex tests (or any of the many other neurological exam results).

In MS, just a clinical diagnosis is often not enough.  They will also want to see evidence from tests such as MRI or the lumbar puncture results.

Are you in the process of being diagnosed?

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Hi, yes I am. I don't understand so much that is said, medical jargon. My neuro exam showed a dilated pupil not equally responsive to light in a darkened room, Romberg sign, not really able to go the heel toe walk, Hoffman sign in both hands and babinki in both feet. Had retrabulbar neuritis 14 years ago. Now have mild balance issues, weakness in one arm, tingling in legs, sharp shooting pains in head and eyes, twitches, numbness and need to wee alot, neck pain. Very tired constantly. 3 days ago had MRI with contrast of head and whole spine. Next week have VEP. Neuro thinks MS because of past history and symptoms now. I worry about MS or God forbid a brain tumour. Any advise?
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also tendon reflexes all brisk, what ever that means!!
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Hi Ghost - The things you describe in you most recent post would largely qualify as clinical findings, part of a neurological examination. They are also things which can suggest MS.

You MRI and VEP will add more info to the pile, in support of the clinical findings. Other supporting tests are blood tests to rule out MS mimics like Lyme disease and a lumbar puncture to to examine your cerebral spinal fluid (CSF).

The MS diagnostic process can be lengthy and frustrating. The length and level of frustration can be determined in part by your doc. Is your neuro an MS specialist?

Keep asking us, and your doc, questions :-)

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I don't know if neuro is a specialist in MS. He said in his report that his provisional diagnosis is MS, and wants to see if the tests show more evidence. I have had blood taken, but not a lumbar picture. Problem is I am so tired, have been off work for 4  months now. Thank you so much for your response, it really helps.
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Have you received any treatment for your current symptoms? It is possible to treat them while you figure out the diagnosis. During my last relapse I could barely keep my eyes open and more than once tripped over my feet because I couldn't lift them properly when walking.

I got a 5 day course of IVSM, high dose intravenous steroids. That reduced the inflammation and my symptoms went away, including the tiredness.


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