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microvascular disease?/ neuropathy

hi everyone.  my mri reveals ischemic microvasular disease punctate hyperfintense foci T2 and my symptoms range from dizziness, balance, tingling in my feet and hands, problems with memory, speech, understanding and taste, swallowing and lack of smell and a constant roaring in my ears.  is there anyone out there who has this and has been treated for it?  has anyone been able to walk on their own again?  i'm taking physical therapy and it has helped me not fall as often, but i won't be seen by my 2nd opinion for 4 months and neuropsych cognitive (7 hour exam), and it's be over a year and no diagnosis. any suggestions?  any advice would be appreciated.  thanks!
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i'm trying other neurologists to get an appointment sooner.  my walking and balance are getting worse.  my legs feel so heavy like they are being pulled into the ground.  my hips and muscles hurts quite alot of the time, sometimes with real sharp pain.  i have electric shock type feelings in my feet.  i'm really tired and very discouraged.  the neuropsych canceled my test because of a disagreement with my insurance so i have to save the money to pay for it first.  the physical therapist says i have parkinsonian symptoms, but he can't diagnose.  any ideas out there? i still have 2 months to wait to see a dr. and i'm having a hard time figuring out how i'm going to take care of myself.  please - any advice appreciated.
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How old are you?  Ischemic microvasular disease of the white matter is something seen in 60+ year olds.  The MRI can not reveal ischemic microvasular disease.  The MRI reveals something like "punctate T2 hyperfintense foci."  There is no way to really differentiate   ischemic microvasular disease from demyelination form the MRI.  It has to be done in the context of the signs and symptoms.  Can you post the radiologic report?  

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i'm 53.  i copied this "ischemic microvasular disease punctate hyperfintense foci T2"  off the letter from my dr. to my insurance co. proving necessity for the neuropsych exam.   i guess i should get the radiologic report.  i don't have it.  and the letter to the insurance company is the most information i've gotten out of him.  he says he isn't ready to go out on a limb and make a diagnosis yet.  needs the neurospych exam to help put all the pieces together.   i have no idea what to do.
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