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well i had my mri done yesterday with the proper protocol my husband is going to pick up the disc on friday. so that is good also had my heart ultrasound done on the same day. it is still two more ,months before i go back and see my neuro i am hoping i will be able to see the disc when it arrives
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Hi MM,
You might be surprised how fast two months pass.  Keep in mind that you perhaps can view your pics but you probably won't understand any of what you see.

Reading MRIs is such a skill that even our dear Quix won't touch them.  Those radiologists study this for years - be sure to get a copy of the report that goes with your pics.

be well, Lu
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I agree with Lu about seeing the images but being unable to make heads or tails out of them but I can't say that hasn't stopped me from trying :-). I'm usually wrong about what I think is important but my neuro is kind and let's me ask away with all my questions.

Besides, just out of curiosity it begs to be looked at.  I challenge anyone on here to have possession of your CD disc with the MRI images and not look at it. Human nature.

Don't forget Lu's reminder about getting the report that goes with the disc.

Let us know how things go.

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  Ditto what Lu and Ren said....Looking at the disc won't mean a thing to you or
know what you are even looking at.....It is the Radiologist report that goes w/ it
that will give you answers to your questions....then you could always put the disc in
and try to see what the report is saying in conjunction w/ the disc.....Play Detective....

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actually there was this great sight i found a while back that tell you how to read the discs for mri lesions.i am so sorry but i cant remember the name of it it was a teaching sight radiology assistant dont quote me if i am wrong my memory isnot working to good.
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Here is that web site I think you are speaking of......Great site....


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hi tonya yes that is the sight i found it again yesterday. i phoned in and both the disc and the report are ready the only thing is i am taking my son and his friend to seattle they are going to see a band called basshunter it is techno so i will hang around the hotel and relax.so i will post tomorrow.
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  Very cool for your son and his friend seeing the band!  
Relax...Good idea...Relax!
Look for yopu tomorrow  :)

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Did you get your report and disc?

How was the band?
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hi daisy i did get the mri and report i see some areas on the disc that look like lesions but i am not to sure gave me something to do anyways. the report says where the radioligist gave his impression says mri evidence of multiple sclerosis.
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