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positive MRI, negative LP

Hi All,
Does anyone know if a negative LP means no MS?  I don't know if I should be happy or sad.  I don't want to have MS,  but at least I would know what was wrong with me!!!  My MRI has 2 spots but the Neuro said he "wasn't impressed" (whatever that means).  I read an article that said no test is 100%  for diagnosis.  I'm confused.
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Hi there,

Others with a lot more knowledge will no doubt be along here to help you out but felt I should jump in here as this was one of the first questions I ever asked on this forum.

A negative LP does not mean you DON'T have MS.

Nothing unfortunately is very clear cut with this disease as you will discover by reading all the posts from us "limbo landers"...( no diagnosis ).

I have multiple foci on my MRI but had a negative LP.

My neuro   ( who is a NERD by the way, like so many )
can't make his mind up and has been undecided now for 3 years in total.

I think if you only have a couple of hyper intensities then perhaps a diagnosis is not very clear cut. Your Neuro appears to not be convinced that it isn't at this stage.

If you can give us some more details of your MRI from the Radiologists report and details of your LP then others like Quix will be able to answer your questions further, they know much more about all the medical stuff than I do.

It can be a long road to a diagnosis, but I don't think you need to worry too much just yet.

Hang in there
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Hi there!


Yup, that is right, you do not have to have a positive LP to have MS.  I don't know the percentages off hand, but there is info on that topic in our health pages which are located toward the right hand corner of the screen.  Hope you will visit them, as they are jammed w/great info related to MS, diagnosis criteria, lesions, etc.

So, Sally, what brought you to the Neuro? What kinds of problems were you having.  Sounds to me that your Dr. wants to see more to be certain.  Did he order an MRI of your spine?

Thanks for coming along, you'll find so much support and knowledge here.  Hope to see you around soon.

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bump for Sally as this has already slipped to page 2
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Thanks for your reply and concern.  
I started this lovely adventure (sarcasm) with an episode of horrible muscle spasms in my thighs in 2003, seriously so bad I almost went to ER.  I eventually had spasms in hands, feet, legs and strangely my right rib area. I tried to explain it away thinking it was dehydration,  but I guess I have been dehydrated for 5 years!

My next episode was not until 2007.  At that time,  my right calf had become completely and constantly numb after having had it come and go for years.  I fell about 4 time in a year (I hadn't fallen down since I was a child, except when I was skiing) I had HORRIBLE fatigue, there were days I didn't think I could work.  My GP ordered an MRI which was normal, so he changed my Thyroid med and told me to keep in touch.

July of '08 I saw my GP again.  I had continued to have the numbness which is now in left calf too, spasms, fatigue and had started to have speech problems.  I couldn't pronounce "photographer" and alot of  other words,  I could see them in my head, but couldn't get them out.  Recently, I tried to teach my granddaughter to skip,  but I couldn't do it.  I couldn't coordinate my legs to do the motions. Wierd I know, but it worried me.  2nd MRI ordered and showed 2 spots, with the Radiologist suggesting MS.  My GP was pretty convinced that's what I had and sent me to Neuro.

First (and all) visits with Neuro terrible.  I am afraid he thinks I am crazy.  He says he's not impressed with the MRI.  He did an LP that was negative and that seem to confirm his belief that it's not MS.  He has no suggestion as to what it IS, but just not MS.

If I can't get a diagnosis, any diagnosis,  I will change Neuro's or get a 2nd opinion.

Do these sx seem to fit what you have heard on this site?

Also,  I have had pain in my right foot that causes me to limp.  Does that fit?

Thank you SO MUCH,

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This comment is from Salamander2:

Want to hear a funny oxymoron?  Compassionate Neurologist!!  Just kidding.   My Neuro can't give me a diagnosis and has zero personality,  BUT,  I had an LP that was absolutely painless.  No pain during the procedure, none after.  The nurses say he does alot of them,  so I guess practice makes perfect :)
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hello ... i am joining this chat and i really need help regarding MS diagnosis .. i have done all the tests.. My MRI showed multiple lesions (juxcortical and ventrical) .. however the LP was negative. I also had a high level of ACE in my blood test...

My neurologist said he cant say if it is MS ...maybe 10 percent but he didnt give me a definite answer and he actually said i should see a psychiatrist for stress stuff ...

I am really not convinced and need some help ..
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I can't help but think you need a second opinion.  Any time you walk away thinking your doctor thinks you are a nut case......well its time for you to find a new doc.  Your symptoms do sound like they COULD be M.S. and you have 2 lesions.
Why I would tell anyone to get a second opinion is because early intervention is sooooo important.  Don't let a doc sit on this
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Get a second opinion.....you should not be left hanging without some sense that you have done all you can.  If another doc does not think MS, then at least you can let go of  some of that stress.  Of course, you still have something wrong.....but you can move on.
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