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the common cold..really...now?

Hello everyone! Hope all are doing well over the Holidays.

I am just getting over what i think was a flare (Limboland) It started a few months ago and I am just now seeing a drastic decrease in sx.

anyhow woke up Sunday morning with sinus congestion and runny nose. I have had so much head and facial pain over the last couple months it is not nice to have all this pressure too!!!! I still have some congestion but slowly getting better.

Never a fever so that is good.

I have been reading up on colds and MS and have some questions.

I read that ones with MS tend NOT to get sick. I cant say that is me but I do know that my colds usually stay in the head and rarley do I get a fever or does it last more than a couple days.

So I would like to know if this is fairly true or does it not matter. We get colds just like anybody else. Some have better immune systems and then some dont.

Thank you for your time.

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Don't know, I haven't had a cold since 1981 but I do drink fresh squeezed orange juice every single morning, my one vice............
I agree, I think some just have better immune systems.
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Feeling like i was going to have colds last night. This morning I took 1500 mg of vitamin C and drank a lot of liquid. Now i feel good! Thank goodness!
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I usually do the same...vitamin C in many forms and all is good.

Saturday morning I had that "things that make you go Hmmmmmmm" feeling in my throat but it soon went away and I thought that was it.

HA HA.... Surprise!

Vitamin C now! :)

Thank you.
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This question was recently addressed on the www.msanswers.ca site.

"Q : Since the immune system is in "over-drive" with MS will I get sick less often? Will my overactive immune system keep colds and flu away?

A : The immune dysfunction in MS is specifically directed against certain components of the central nervous system. Individuals with MS are not at higher or lower risk of contracting infections than the general population."


I've had fewer colds since my MS dx.  There is no way to know for sure why this is, but I think it could be due to the fact that since dx I take 6,000 iu/day of Vitamin D and am no longer deficient as I was when I was first dx'ed.  In several studies, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to increased risk for cold and flu.

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