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Does anyone have any info on natural ways to balance the neurotransmitters in the brain? With so many anti-depressant medications and anxiety meds it can be very tricky and risky to find the right one for the individual. What might work for one, may have catastrophic effects on another.  I've heard that certain foods can help your brain increase one of these neurotransmitters if you are deficient in it, while other foods help the brain to balance all brain chemicals naturally, with no side-effects. Certain mental health conditions such as ADD, depression in any form, anxiety and panic attacks can all be a thing of the past if we feed our bodies the right nutrients suited to our individual case, the cause can be treated,and,not the just the symptoms, which mask the real cause of the condition in the first place..Does anyone agree with me? That we should be treating the whole person, not just the symptoms?
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Vitamin E capsules increase blood flow to the brain and other nervous system components. It also improves concentration, memory, productivity, and reduces the risk of several diseases. You can buy a vitamin E capsule to improve your brain functioning.

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Not anymore! Right as rain now! Thanks for your reply, Eve. I Got myself off 2 medications which were causing it. I went cold turkey off both at the same time. Have done a lot of research on the brain & it's neurotransmitters, hormones etc and I'm following the advice I've learned. I'm very happy these days and a whole lot healthier!
Wishing you the best!
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Hello there,

I agree with you, shugalug. I definitely think it's important to treat the whole
person, not just the symptoms. Right now I'm referring to depression.
I have heard that taking Omega -3 supplements , in this case soft gels
containing fish oil, helps to balance the neurotransmitters in the brain.
I take these myself to help combat depression as well as an antidepressant. I am not experiencing depression now thankfully, but
depression runs in my family and I suffered through a severe depression
over ten years ago. It's very important to try and figure out any possible
triggers to the depression. Depression can also be caused by internalized
anger. There are many causes of depression and the treatment of the
person suffering from the depression is very individual.  If you are suffering
through a depression, I wish you strength in your healing.   Eve
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