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Bad Bruising/caused by itching upper letg

Hello for the last few years I have had a weird burning pain on my upper legs and it gets really itchy following the pain and I scratch it and it bruises the bruise was big enough to cover the whole upper leg, and its sore afterwards and warm. I went to the hospital the doctor told me I must have hit something I told him I didn't so than he figured it may be a blot clot so they give me two needles in my stomach of what I am not sure of. But again I have it and Im wondering if anyone may no what this is? I have had it off and on it drives me crazy the bruise is not a normal one it has a weird color and two red almost look like scratches on it but isn't if anyone can please help me out that would be great.
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Dear Friend,
This is a type of over treatment, as per my knowledge.

I will demonstrate via this work cycle----
                 caused              resulted to                                caused
Burning pain -----------Itching.----------------  prolonged scratching-------------bruising

Due to the bruising, you had got some superficial minor infection, which resulted in soreness and warmth of your skin...

This is he simplest explanation i can give you.

Please feel free to discuss with me, if your query is unsatisfied.
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