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Deep Brain Stimulation
I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease about 2 years ago, although I believe I have had the disease about 5 years. I am 49 years old and am currently taking 5-Sinemet CR 50/250mg, 1-Azilect 1mg and 2-4 Parcopa 25/100mg daily. I have been doing this for about a year now and the effectiveness of the medication is reducing. Each Sinemet lasts around 2 hours each where they used to last 4-5. I started with tremors in my right hand/arm and now have them in alll limbs and torso, plus many of the other Parkinson's side effects... i.e. stiffness, rigidity, sleep problems, balance issues, anxiety, depression, weight loss etc. I have approximately 40-50% off time right now. My question is do you think I might be a good candidate for the deep beain stimulation procedure? Thank you!
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Dear Shep,
Many thanks for posting the question through this forum.
The message conveyed through this post is that your body has stopped the responsiveness to the medicines prescribed by your doctor.And this is encouraging you to opt for "Deep brain stimulation" (DBS) procedure.I would appretiate this step.
DBS is a type of surgery , where we incorporate a device inside the brain, thus helping is sending specific responses inside the brain.In parkinsonism, it helps via these signals only and thus controll the various side-effects.It's a FDA approved therapy.
In your case it should be a preferred option as the symptoms are not properly controlled with medicines.
The main problem is the learning curve as it's not comonly performed procedure.SO an experienced Surgeon will be of good help, rather than a new one. Hence this is the main factor, you should keep in your mind, before opting for the surgery.
So please consult a really good Neuro-surgeon, for this surgery.

Any further discussions, please let me know

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