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Mass in brain

On an MRI found a 1.6 X 1.6 X 2.3 cm sellar/suprasellar mass that could represent a cyst.  There is a rightward deviation of the infundibulum by the mass that attenuates suprasellar csf signal and bulges into the left cavernous sinus.  What type of treatment is usual for this type of finding?  I do have a passed history of agrressive bladder cancer, prostate cancer (both have been removed) and skin cancer.  The radiologist mentions possible cancer as a least likely event in this mass.
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Dear Friend,
Many thanks for the post.
Well a past history of cancer over the bladder and prostrate is not a good option.
However the treatment for the cyst would purely depend on the symptoms.
If the symptoms are controlled by medicines, then it would be really nice. However if same doesn't happens, then surgery would be the options.
However if surgery is planned, then the negative effects of the surgery has to be considered (depending upon the location and the involvement of the brain parenchyma).

Please discuss, for any clarifications...
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