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numbness in left arm and left foot

I am 46 yrs old, hypertensive, but under control with a 25 mg betablocker tablet per day. One month back I noticed I am not able to lift the water bottle properly. i realized that there is distinct weakness in the left arm grip. I also then noticed some kind of very little numbness in my left foot ( near toe area). I went for master health check up. They found my case a borderline TMT positive after tread mill test. But referred me to neurologist. Neurologist conducted EMG motor study test on both the hands. the test was found normal. I am not diabetic. Cholestrol levels are within limits. I weigh 72 kgs with height of 164 cms. After neurologist failed to make headway, I was referred to Ortho specialist. He conducted MRI spine but was not able to make out the root cause of this problem. He has now suggested physiotherapy. But the problem persists. Kindly suggest me whether it is related to TIA or any other nerve disorder
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Dear Gupta Ji,
A distinctive weakness is a symptom of "Minor Stroke" or some other CNS related issue.
I am really surprised as why the treating neurologist didn't opted for a MRI of the brain.
The orthopaedician has done correctly (MRI spine) as there was an element of numbness/weakness in your toes and hands, for which he wanted to rule out disc involvement.
So i would suggest you to have a second opinion, if the weakness persists, and get an MRI of brain done.
However if the MRI brain comes out normal, then physiotherapy will be the only option left for us.
Feel free to discuss more, in case of any doubts.
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Same for me and it was a cavernous agioma in the pons in the brainstem. Get an mri of the brain.

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