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psychosis or stroke

I am fairly certain I have sustained brain damage. This occured one morning about 6 months ago when i woke up and was uncapable of standing or walking. The vision from my right eye was extremely disjointed, like a picture that had been cut up and then jumbled around. The vision from my left eye, however, was completly normal. Much of my head was numb, and i had a headache. I could not construct thoughts out of words for about half the day. When i was able to walk i looked in a mirror, and my right pupil was fully dilated and fixed.

I have had to relearn what common objects are called. How to converse with people. Major personality changes have occured as well as my entire thought process. I fail to recognize objects for what they are. For example: A pack of cigarettes is no longer "a pack of cigarettes". I see it is a box of shredded leaves. Most persistent and unchanging are lingering hallucinations. Objects wave, grow and shrink, vibrate. Tracers follow moving objects and and things begin to look 2-D, while shifting in color. The good news is i have not lost any motor control. one item of note: since this i have had blood pressure issues, once being as high as 190/96, accompanied by heart palpitations. i have since lowered it to around 160/80. before this, however, it was 120/60.

Before this incident, I abused drugs such as LSD, mushrooms, MDMA, cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. I have not touched any of these since the possible stroke. However, after 6 months in recovery, i have yet to be fully functioning. I still have issues finding correct words to complete sentences, placing proper meaning on words, and memory problems in general.

My questions are: What tests should i get done? Is brain damage reversable at this point? Is it possible this is psychosis from prior drug use? If dead brain cells stay dead with no way of recovery, why would i see a doctor? I am not up to date on neurological treatments.

Thanks for the help!
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Dear Friend,
I must congratulate you that you have left all these drugs and now out of drug abuse.
Please find my answers to your questions -

What tests should i get done?
  MRI brain would be ideal to get done

Is brain damage reversable at this point?
   I don't think there is a brain damage.
However MRI report would suggest the answer of this question.

Is it possible this is psychosis from prior drug use?
     Can't be told presently

If dead brain cells stay dead with no way of recovery, why would i see a doctor? I am not up to date on neurological treatments.
You need to see the doctor, to know the root cause of the problem.
What you are thinking as brain damage is can be just the withdrawal symptoms due to stopping of the drug abuse.
So you need to to visit a Doctor soon.

Feel free to discuss.
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