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What does my MRI results mean? Can it be meningitis?

My MRI test reads:   Evidence of acute territorial infarction or hemorrhage.
No mass or mass effect. Scattered ctT2 and FLAIR hyperintensities
in the periventricular and subcortical white matter are
nonspecific, however most consistent with microangiopathic
changes.  Sensitivity to light, sound.  
   I fell, hit my head first on hard tile floor. I'm having increasing pressure in my head. Especially on left side above eye where I hit my head. Vision changes in right eye.  Tremors on right side body. Bad tremors.  
     Neurologist said the radiologist that wrote the report made a typographical error. Should of said No evidence of stroke. ???  Then why the problems. ?
   May have a long term untreated sinusitis infection. Took antibiotics. Didn't help.  Wondering if I have meningitis?  Don't I need a spinal tap? To check for meningitis.  Doesn't show on MRI.
    Lost feeling like my head is going to explode.
  Please help
Nancy in CA
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Honestly, it sounds like brain bleeding as a result of a Traumatic Brain Injury.

You may have a concussion and should probably go to the hospital.
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Thanks.  Do doctors on Med Help answer questions.  ?
     I went to the ER when i fell.  Had a gash over my left eye.  They left it open, cleaned it and  glued it OPEN. !?!  No tests for head injury.
     Last week I went in for the pressure, vision changes, headaches and tremors on right side.  They did a CTscan.
They said no problem.   Said the report was in my discharge papers.  Wasn't there.
     Two days later had this MRI.    The neurologist said there was a typo.  Like I said.  
      The neurologist said that I have essential, resting, Tremors     Said to BREATHE!?!   And now he says the pressure could be from neck muscle spasms.    
       I'm miserable, pressure constant in head, constant tremors.
Stroke is unlikely in this situation if it was caused by the impact; however, a TBI/concussion cannot be ruled out. It sounds like there may be swelling as a result of the impact, and if pinching of the optic nerve is occurring, then you will have issues with vision. If they didn't check the pupil of that eye for dialation/reaction to light between both eyes, look elsewhere.

Rembember - the only thing between the inside of your skull and brain is fluid surrounding it.
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