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11yo Brain Abscess - Future seizures?

My son had a craniotomy on July 25th at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, RI to remove an abscess from the left side of his brain(Speech/Language area)  the size was about the size of a golfball.  I was told the abscess was caused by microaerophilic streptococci and we (I and the infectious Disease docs) have never been able to determine what could cause this.  My question is what are the chances that this can redevelope?  I know he will now be at risk for seizure...what are those chances that he will have a seizure?  Are there any tell-tale signs I should be on the loook-out for?  My son is home today with his second day of headaches (not bad, but it kept him awake last night).   So now my fears for him are resurrfacing.  I nearly lost him on his birthday and I still get scared.  Thank you
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The chances of the abscess recurring would depend on whether the foci of infection was removed/treated. Unfortunately, the cause of his infection has not been established.

Seizures can be a complication of the craniotomy procedure or as a result of the brain abscess. It would be difficult to determine the probability of occurence of seizures. However, anti-seizure medication is normally given after a craniotomy procedure as seizure prophylaxis.

Things that you could watch out for include muscle twitchings/spasms/stiffness, memory loss, visual disturbances, loss of consciousness, etc.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks doctor.  Yes, this is pretty much what I was told.  I was wondering more if there were any studies with statistics about reoccurrence and seizures following.  Jonathan took the anti-seizure meds for longer than normal (it was not intended to be that way - so he ended up being weaned over a three week period).  Jonathan had 2 months of antibiotic treatment via the PICC line (500mg Flagyl 3x/day and 2g of Ceftriaxone 2x/day).  He also has Von Willebrand's Disease so I'm not sure if that would impact anything otherwise.
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