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Autonomic Nervous System Test

I had an Autonomic Nervous System Test last Monday.  I thought this test would be a piece of cake and no pain, no problems.  Wow...what a mistake that was.  Also I made the mistake of driving myself 80 miles one way to this test thinking I could drive home with no problems....another mistake.  Most of the test was not painful..however, the Quantitative sudomotor axon reflex test caused terrible burning that felt like someone touching me with a cigerette butt or lighter.  The lady giving the test said I should not have felt that much heat.  I sucked it up and did it but I felt intense burning.  I also had trouble with the tilt table test, which also made my ride home risky.  I did not last 5 minutes of the 30 minute test.  Once they tilted me up I started to pass out and feel like I was going to vomit.  I begged them to stop when I felt like I was going to let loose of my bowels and bladder.  Whew....I didn't but it was tough to hold it in.  How embarassing would that have been?  I didn't bring extra cloting and I sure didn't expect to feel so ill afterwards.  I had trouble getting home and had to stop twice.  First to try to quell the dizziness and the second time I stopped to sleep.  I don't sleep well ever and that I had this incredible sleepiness shocked me. I had to stop and sleep for twenty minutes and then I even continued to have difficulty staying awake the rest of the way home. Once I reached home I slept for three hours.  Unheard of for me and this continued even throughout the night.  I never slept so much in ages.  I am very puzzled about this test and am curious to hear today at my urologist (he ordered the test and will do a bladder test today..thinks I have interstitial. Cystitis) if all of this means anything.  I have been having internal tremors, dizziness, nausea, adrenal insufficiency, nueropathy in legs, feet and hands, blood pressure up and down, difficulty breathing and trouble swallowing (I do have Hashimotos so that could be the swallowing thing) but I am really worried about my heart.  It feels like it is working overtime sometimes and I feel so weak sometimes too.  I am almost afraid to have my grandbabies here by myself.  Does anyone out there have symptoms like this and have you been diagnosed with any kind of autonomic disorder that would include these symptoms?  I am starting to get kind of scared about all of this.  Someitmes I feel like I will not wake up in the mornings or just keel over with a heart attack or stroke!
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HI, I have for the last few months been experiencing, orthostatic hypertension, nausea often, pains in limbs, a feeling of sun burning on the skin on entire head and neck and it feels like its hot but my temp is always 97.4, it also feels like pressure in my head and face along with pains in my neck particularly where the arteries and nerves run and the pain runs up into my jaw often, pains randomly spoted in my head as well, I have recently started geting pains in my back and ribs, I have also noticed that what was an every now and then muscle twitch and spasm in my left eye has turned to several spasms and twitches throughout the body even in my neck on a daily basis, also I started off geting a pulsating vibration that goes along with the pulsation of bllod in the artery in my left foot and now I get vibrations at several other places all over, I sometimes get a feeling of loosing control of my bodily functions litteraly, I get excited and jump up and it goes away, I have palpitations almost constantly, Ive had ekgs, blood work, and x rays on my heart several times and they r always normal outside of tachardia often, Ive had a scan of my head wich is normal, I had electrolytes, ana panel, etc.... bloodwork done wich were all normal. This all started after a reaction I had to a drug that I mixed with alcohol almost killed me, I have since drank nothing, stoped taking the drug, and even had to stop smoking bc ciggs started making me feel so sick. I believe I have experienced autonomic nerve damage as well but no I havent had that test done and no1 has found out whats wrong yet.
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Wow...sounds like you have many of the symptoms I have had.  I had terrible eye twitches last summer.  They were not painful but about drove me nuts.  Now I have difficulty seeing in the dark and also going from a dark room to a light room.  I seen my urologist yesterday.  He told me I flunked both the sweat test and the tilt test badly.  I have been diagnosed as moderate autonomic nerves system failure.  Now I don't know if that can be fatal or not but I have had very high blood pressure (went to ER with stroke symptoms) and I also  had orthostatic hypotension.  Now I am dx with interstitial cystitis which is every so painful.  Yesterday they put potassium in my bladder.  I thought I literraly was going to scream but I bit my lip.  It made my eyes water and my nose run it hurt so bad.  Today I am in terrible pain.  Had to have my meds compounded so had to come home without the scrpt.  Should be here today.  I am going on Elavil (sp) 5 mg three times a day for pain.  I hope it helps  I just feel so dam sick today. It really makes me mad it has take this long for a dx.  You may have to find a neurologist or someone like that.  My urologist knew plenty about it but really said it is not widely known about.  Most people have to search for the right doctor who knows what tests to do.  Good luck...I know how miserable you are and how bad you feel.  My empaties.
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