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Benign Fasciculations Syndrome -Qs

Is Benign Fasciculations Syndrome progressive?  I don't drink, smoke or drink caffeine beverages.  I lead a fairly relaxed life as a housewife.  I don't exercise other than chasing children around.  This past year while taking medications for a kidney infection (7 day course)  I started to experience muscle twitching (legs, biceps, buttocks, etc.) that moved from muscle to muscle every few minutes.  It then progressed to occurring in several muscles (2-6) consecutively.  EMG and nerve tests came out normal two weeks back. Blood work too. Since that time I have experienced muscle twitching in my face, tongue, inner ear, scalp, neck and hands (in addition to all the rest).  This is month will mark six months of twitching which has gotten worse as the months pass.  Other than the annoying feeling and always being tired (perhaps that's just being a mom of 3) and some recent few and minor headaches (could be the holidays) I feel fine.  

Is this syndrome known to be progressive?  
If you have the similar symptoms what do you feel was the trigger?  Other than the meds I cannot figure it out!!

Thanks for your reply.

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Hi there. Twitching is more often due to more benign causes( benign fasciculation syndrome, over exertion etc). it is a disease of the motor nerves, the muscles or the neuromuscular junction. Fasciculation were correlated with body weight and height and to the anxiety levels, regular strenuous exercise. Attention deficit disorder or drugs used to treat it and a related disorder may be a contributing factor.
Genetic and environmental factors also contribute.
BFS is not life threatening, not disabling, though the most severe forms of peripheral nerve hyper excitability may be persistent enough to create some degree of disability. Anxiety can be disabling and most cases clear spontaneously in a few days or weeks.
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My neurologist did conclude they are med related as I suspected. (Macrobid)  at one year I am still suffering with symptoms.  No increase or decrease now it seems.  

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Help! I'm having the same symproms because of macrobid. How are you know??
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