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Brain Fog and vibration in head

Hi there,

I’m a little lost on what to do. My symptoms started almost two months ago. I was at work and in the afternoon I started to feel really out of it. I usually get that sensation when I’m getting sick so I took a COVID test. Negative. I also had a sore on my arm that looked infected with STAPH so I took a course of antibiotics. No improvement on other symptoms. My doctor has been really helpful and sent me for blood tests and an MRI. I’m yet to have the MRI as I went for it but had a panic attack. I do have anxiety and am about to start seeing a psychologist. I seem to be getting more symptoms as time goes on:
- Brain fog/feeling out of it
- Tinnitus on and off daily
- Vibrating sensation in base of skull/ sometimes jaw on and off daily
- Fatigue
- Headaches that start in left temple and gradually gets worse causing pain behind left ear
- Traps muscles get really tight and tender

If anyone has any idea what this could be I would love to hear your thoughts… I just don’t know if I can handle this for much longer.
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Do you have any updates? … this may seem far fetched to you, but I think you should do a parasite detox … testing results  for them are not always reliable … 90% of the population has parasites and don’t even know it … western doctors are mostly clueless and think it’s only a third world problem …
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Hi ...I have suffered some of your symptoms ...left temple head ache that moves behind my ear and the feeling of being a little foggy ...I have and do suffer with anxiety also ...I was diagnosed initially with silent migraines after visiting the gp with numbness and tingly over the left side of my face and scalp ...stroke ruled out ...no debilitating headache ...I personally felt this wasn't right as I do get muscle stiffness in my neck on the left side so feel it could be nerves being trapped? ...fast forward a year and again no headache but lost the vision temporarily in my left eye after swirling blobs...diagnosed over the phone by an opinion with ocular migraine ....depending on how well you manage stress and anxiety ...both lead to tension ...(could explain the vibration and muscle tightness) it could be migraine ...they aren't always severe pain ...you can have symptoms of aura that don't lead to the main event if you like ....let us know how you get on with the MRI ...I hope its nothing serious xxx
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Hi. Jans7262 and especially Aunty_jenjen79, I’m not a doctor but I would definitely want to immediately rule out Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA), a genetic rheumatological disorder which can lead to vision loss and even permanent blindness. It can be detected through bloodwork and an eye exam. I don’t know if all of your symptoms are typical of GCA, but the temporal headaches and scalp sensitivity definitely are. I  hope you’re feeling better now and that your eyesight is still okay.

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